Mirror, mirror on the K-wall, who’s the fairest of them all? Each one Korean superstar with flawless complexions, chiselled jawlines, and properly symmetrical features, of training course.

In South Korea, the birthplace of the “Korean Wave”, plastic medical procedures is widely embraced as a gateway to the two results and splendor.

They awe us on journal handles, walk the pink carpets, and grace our Tv screens daily. Real truth be informed, it is difficult to not be captivated by the veneer of their poreless perfection and age-defying beauty.

But underneath the veneer of this seemingly excellent aesthetic lies a advanced actuality, in which the line in between enhancement and excessive can blur, leaving us to speculate: is Korea’s adore affair with plastic surgical procedure a recipe for splendor or a pressure cooker for unrealistic expectations?


Even when they undertake plastic surgical procedures, some could not be pleased following all. The real questions to check with listed here are: “What does it acquire and certainly indicate to be wonderful?” and “How a lot plastic operation is much too much?”.

Plastic Surgery in Korea


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In the Land of Morning Tranquil, cosmetic treatments are as commonplace as facials and plastic surgical procedure is not shrouded in secrecy.

What’s more, the abilities of the medical doctors, the accessibility of state-of-the-art surgical procedures, and the affordable fees make it even more desirable.

Undoubtedly you have read of folks jetting above to South Korea for facials, deal with treatments, and aesthetic procedures!


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On the other hand, this normalised cultural phenomenon is fueled by a mix of variables: rigorous splendor requirements, investment decision in oneself, intense competitiveness in the enjoyment industry, and a societal emphasis on youthfulness.


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Even though actors and actresses are typically at the forefront of this pattern, brazenly talking about their techniques and influencing beauty beliefs, the line involving “enhancing” and “altering” can grow to be dangerously blurred.

The strain to conform to a narrow definition of natural beauty can lead some celebrities to bear numerous treatments, resulting in faces that show up uncanny, frozen, and devoid of individuality.


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Believe it or not, plastic surgical procedures and every little thing encompassing it can also choose a toll on people’s psychological health and fitness, specially among the younglings who are continuously bombarded with illustrations or photos of “perfect” faces.

Even so, which is not to say that plastic surgery’s all poor! When done “right” and to your liking, anything that may be deemed as “madness” can also craft magic for us.

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Situations of Also Substantially Plastic Surgical treatment?

Is Korea’s plastic surgical procedures phenomenon a design for the world, or a cautionary tale? Effectively, it could possibly extremely properly be a complicated romance between magnificence, identity, and the scalpel.

Let’s see what an professional, Dr Gary Linkov from Metropolis Facial Plastics, has to say about some Korean stars who went less than the knife.

Hwang Kwanghee

Credit score: @prince_kwanghee/Instagram

This South Korean singer, actor, and Tv set temperament debuted in 2010 as a member of boy band ZE:A.

In accordance to SBS Star, Hwang Kwanghee hardly ever built it to centre phase but what actually created him famous and much more “noticeable” was his on-air confession about his plastic surgical procedure.

His openness even led to a spokesmodel job for Korea Plastic Surgery in 2014. In simple fact, the only aspect of his experience that hasn’t been touched by a surgeon is his cheekbones!

And the total of plastic surgery he’s accomplished was so in depth that he was provided the nickname ‘Paju Silicon Valley’.

hwang kwang hee plastic surgery

Credit history: KpopStarz

In an episode of KBS’s Hi there Counselor, Hwang Kwanghee shared that even even though he got plastic surgical treatment he nonetheless felt “below” his other customers as “they ended up all born with in a natural way handsome looks” and he was not.

To that, Dr Gary pointed out that at times men and women get plastic medical procedures to get closer to what they have envisioned as perfect but might nonetheless come to feel insufficient just after as they may well feel “it’s fake” or come to feel like they are “fooling people” “almost like impostor syndrome”.

hwang kwanghee botox and fillers

Credit rating: Medical professional Gary Linkov/YouTube

Early previous yr, Hwang Kwanghee revealed that he couldn’t move areas of his mouth just after obtaining Botox and fillers. As an actor and Tv persona, this could have an impact on his functionality and career.

Dr Gary jumped in to share that there are cases of clinically identified physique dysmorphic dysfunction where men and women would stay dissatisfied no matter how a lot of procedures they undergo.

This scenario could possibly resonate with Hwang Kwanghee, who is at present going through various treatments in spite of becoming mindful of the potential penalties associated.

Yoon Eun-hye

korean stars plastic surgery

Credit rating: @y1003_grace/Instagram

Actress and singer Yoon Eun-hye, who was after named the “first love” actress was stated to have shed her purely natural acting and seem rigid and uncomfortable immediately after going through plastic surgical treatment.

“The way that that could take place is if Botox is positioned into spots where filler is meant to be put.

If you’re searching for augmentation all-around the mouth location, then you could get a weakening of your lip spot, [or] the smile can be off mainly because some folks truly confuse Botox with filler on the patient’s aspect and however on the company side [too].

So generally know who you are going to see, [and] make absolutely sure that they have the right qualifications and track record to be ready to thoroughly address you,” reported Dr Gary.

korean stars ruined faces plastic surgery

Credit score: Bbali Drama/YouTube

Aside from other fiascos, following Yoon Eun-hye returned from her hiatus in 2017 she still could not get back the adore and consideration of the audience she at the time experienced prior to.

People today thought that heading below the knife as well substantially “destroyed her pure beauty” and known as her “a plastic operation disaster”.

Although her facial area had recovered a lot, she continue to could not act as by natural means as she did before the scalpel.

korean stars plastic surgery before and after

Credit rating: Overlook-K-DRAMA/YouTube

“There’s a fine line among finding operation that then makes you search prettier, extra interesting, a lot more youthful and going overboard.

It’s a single thing if you really do not like some element of your nose and you are looking for a slight tweak or you’re hairline has receded and you’re wanting to restore it.

But when you’re hunting to totally improve many characteristics of who you are, that can arrive as a shock to not just yourself as you recover but also to a lot of other people.

Plastic surgical treatment should really increase your seem to the greatest of its capability relatively than entirely transform your search and look like someone that you are not,” asserted Dr Gary.

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Park Min-youthful

park min young korean stars ruined face with plastic surgery

Credit: @rachel_mypark/Instagram

Actress Park Min-young has unveiled just before that she did get her nose finished and double eyelid surgical procedure in junior higher.

Having said that, when netizens observed her ahead of-and-after images, they typically concluded that she’d finished a large amount a lot more methods than the two pointed out.

Park Min-youthful was identified for her legendary, sweet, and youthful visuals when she starred in K-drama Adore In Agreement in 2022. In extra current dramas, audiences observed that she looked rigid, unnatural, and rather weird.

Just one netizen even shared that they weren’t sure if they desired to check out the K-drama Healer because the volume of plastic surgery Park Min-younger has had genuinely troubled them.

park min young plastic surgery ruined acting

Credit score: Bbali Drama/YouTube

So, does obtaining plastic surgical procedures adjust the way that we functionality and the way that our faces go? The solution is indeed!

In this scenario, Dr Gary elaborated: “For case in point, even anything like Botox, there are a lot of studios or reside Broadway shows that don’t let actors and actresses to have Botox in, say like, their foreheads due to the fact it limitations the varieties of expressions that they can make.”.

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The Frequent Challenges and Factors of Plastic Surgical procedures

While the attract of plastic surgical procedures can be potent, it is essential to fully grasp the inherent dangers and considerations just before building any selections.

plastic surgery risks

Credits: @hideurdadbiatch/TikTok, @hwangseungbin29/TikTok

Here’s a breakdown of some key factors:

  1. Health care difficulties: Like any surgical procedures, plastic strategies have threats of an infection, bleeding, blood clots, allergic reactions to anaesthesia, and organ damage. The severity and probability of these risks count on a variety of things like your overall health and fitness, the form of surgical procedure, and the surgeon’s skill.
  2. Unpredictable results: Regardless of mindful scheduling and expert surgeons, attaining the precise wanted result is not constantly guaranteed. Things like personal healing, tissue reaction, and even genetics can affect the remaining consequence. You may well not achieve your “dream look,” even with a skilled surgeon.
  3. Dissatisfaction and regret: Even if the medical procedures goes medically nicely, there’s a likelihood you may possibly not be delighted with the aesthetics. This could be due to unrealistic expectations, unexpected scarring, or just variations in individual tastes. Regret right after plastic surgical procedure is not unheard of, and addressing it can be emotionally and monetarily challenging.
  4. Economical price tag: Plastic medical procedures can be expensive, and the prices normally prolong further than the initial surgical procedures payment. Recovery expenses, prospective revisions, and ongoing servicing can insert up substantially.
  5. Mental and psychological affect: The choice to endure plastic medical procedures should not be taken flippantly.

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So right before you decide on starting a marriage with the scalpel, contemplate the probable effects on your self-esteem, interactions, and mental very well-getting throughout the process and beyond.

You can also explore non-surgical solutions like make-up, skincare, and even treatment in advance of making a final, permanent determination.

In the end, the decision to pursue plastic surgical procedures is a own just one. You can make an informed and liable decision by thoroughly weighing the hazards, taking into consideration alternatives, and prioritizing your properly-becoming.

Don’t forget to manage your expectations and aim on self-acceptance really don’t aim for perfection, alternatively, make advancements that align with your organic capabilities and all round overall health.

Plastic operation really should be a complement to self-appreciate, not a alternative for it!

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