You’ve acknowledged the relevance of using sunscreen on a each day foundation and guaranteeing its reapplication just about every couple of hrs or so.

Additionally, you have also experimented with a lot of sunscreen brand names in buy to uncover the most appropriate a person for your skin type and our sizzling and humid temperature circumstances (which is no smaller feat, I must say).

And now you have to weed out counterfeits and phony sunscreens…talk about (sun) blocked and fraud notify, am I suitable?!

Busted by Science: Faux Sunscreen Exposes Significant Hazard

Sadly, phony sunscreens are much more frequent than you may well think.


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unique seem – Dr. Julian Sass – Dr. Julian Sass

Earlier in the calendar year, a TikTok video clip featuring Dr Julian Sass, who has a PhD in cosmetic science, acquired enormous attractiveness as it uncovered the startling fact powering a sunscreen with an alleged SPF 45.

Prepare you for this revelation: comprehensive tests indicated that it may well essentially present a mere SPF of 3.6!

Nonetheless, this isn’t your regular elegance expos. Dr Sass went earlier mentioned and over and above by conducting tests on the Crystal clear Alternative Activity Protect SPF 45, a sunscreen that boasts dermatologist acceptance and is predominantly accessible in spas and esthetician workplaces.

Credit history: @drjuliansass/TikTok

1st, the sunscreen’s unusually slender texture raises issues. In addition, the list of ingredients does not include things like important aspects discovered in mineral sunscreens, this kind of as zinc oxide.

Future, the UV mild assessment reveals the fact authentic sunscreen blocks UV rays and appears black when exposed to this light-weight, whilst this Distinct Selection product or service enables light-weight to go by.

And lastly, the conclusive proof from in-vitro lab testing deals the closing blow. In comparison to genuine sunscreens, this counterfeit “SPF 45” offers a meagre a person-third of the safety, and is only versus UVB rays!

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fake sunscreens

Credit score: @drjuliansass/TikTok

Dr Sass suspects it lacks broad-spectrum safety (that means no defence versus UVA rays, which add to ageing and cancer).

Shockingly, he suggests the label’s sunshine-shielding components may possibly be completely fabricated.

Regrettably, this is not an unheard of prevalence. The internet is flooded with counterfeit skincare products and solutions, and Korean beauty things are significantly vulnerable to this kind of ripoffs. Irrespective of becoming renowned for their progressive sunscreens, K-attractiveness items ironically appeal to a substantial quantity of counterfeiters.

In accordance to a 2018 report by Purchaser Reports, 24 out of 73 tested sunshine security items had an SPF amount that was significantly less than 50 percent of what was said on the label.

Around a few yrs back, there was a controversy encompassing Korean sunscreens, typically referred to as the “Korean sunscreen controversy” or the “Korean sunscreen saga.” Through this time, a number of K-elegance sunscreens confronted scrutiny for falsely professing a drastically greater SPF than they truly furnished.

fake sunscreens

Credit: Heliocare

In October 2022, a guy fell victim to buying a faux Biore UV Aqua Prosperous Essence on Shopee.

Late final 12 months, Heliocare produced a report evaluating its actual item to a fake sunscreen just after the information broke out that counterfeit Heliocare sunscreens were remaining detected on the industry.

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The Alarming Improve in Fake Sunscreens

So, how did these counterfeits wiggle their way into our skincare regimen and how arefake sunscreens pulling the wool in excess of our eyes?


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Janine Falcon, a renowned magnificence blogger and previous Elegance Editor known as Natural beauty Geek, uncovered herself unknowingly jeopardising her skin.

Tempted by an unbelievably low selling price, she fell into the entice of getting a counterfeit variant of the really sought-right after Korean sunscreen, the “Beauty of Joseon Reduction Sunlight Rice and Probiotics SPF50 PA++++.”

“The vendor even experienced the exact model photos. I had listened to rumours of counterfeit goods being sold on line, but I explained to myself that they wouldnt be ready to do that with sunscreen, undoubtedly, she shared with Refinery29.

Items took a scary flip as soon as she began making use of the product. The signs of difficulty had been obvious right absent. The counterfeit sunscreen felt major and powdery, refusing to mix in.

The seal, supposedly tamper-evidence, came off with out any hard work, signalling a really serious concern.

Luckily, Falcon had not cancelled her initial purchase from a reliable vendor. A comparison in between the two goods highlighted sizeable distinctions. The genuine sunscreen was a silky, lightweight cream that soaked in simply.


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unique audio – Beautygeeks SHE/HER

The imitation appeared minimal-expense, that includes an aluminium-like complete alternatively than plastic. Urgent the tube resulted in dents, and there was no apparent expiration date.

These slight inconsistencies complicate the detection of counterfeit solutions. Fraudsters usually replicate brand name visuals, and glowing seller opinions can be misleading.

The good thing is, organizations like Splendor of Joseon are taking action. They’ve built-in QR codes into their packaging for prospective buyers to authenticate products and solutions.

Round Lab, a prominent K-beauty model, has encountered very similar concerns with their well-known “Birch Juice Moisturizing Sunscreen SPF50+PA++++.”

Their internet site now includes an “authenticity page” to aid customers in spotting fakes. The variances are frequently delicate a distinct font, absence of spacing effortlessly mistaken for printing issues.

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A Risky Gamble with Your Pores and skin


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original seem – SoapLab Malaysia – SoapLab Malaysia

Counterfeit sunscreens might look to be a fantastic offer, but the outcomes are too significant to neglect.

The American Academy of Dermatology difficulties a sturdy caution that fake sunscreen can consequence in numerous troubles, such as skin hurt, sunburns, untimely ageing, and, most importantly, an elevated chance of skin most cancers.

The sun emits ultraviolet (UV) rays in two principal types: UVA and UVB. Both equally can harm your pores and skin but in diverse means.

UVA rays penetrate deep into the pores and skin, contributing to wrinkles and premature ageing. UVB rays cause sunburns and hurt the surface layers of the skin. What is even worse, the two UVA and UVB rays can heighten your possibilities of creating pores and skin cancer.

The absence of ample UV defense in these counterfeit merchandise exposes your pores and skin to the sun’s hazardous rays, wholly defeating the function of employing sunscreen.


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  • Increased pores and skin most cancers risk: UV rays from sunlight are a significant cause of skin most cancers. True sunscreen protects versus these rays, but a pretend with no SPF leaves your skin susceptible. This raises your odds of producing basal mobile carcinoma, squamous mobile carcinoma, or even melanoma, the deadliest type.
  • Ineffective components: You cannot count on the label of a counterfeit merchandise. It may include low-priced, ineffective components or even damaging kinds that irritate your pores and skin.
  • False feeling of stability: Making use of a bogus sunscreen presents you a false sense of safety. You consider you’re secured, but you are not. This can guide to sunburn and untimely ageing.

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How to Spot Bogus Sunscreens

Recognising faux sunscreen is crucial for guarding your skin.


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Here are some vital indicators to enable you establish genuine products and solutions:

  • Reliable sources: Invest in sunscreen from reputable merchants and official brand web sites.
  • Beware of reduced price ranges: If the cost appears as well good to be correct, it likely is. Be careful of drastically discounted costs and solutions marketed by unverified sellers.
  • Inspect the label: Verify the packaging for any misspellings, light colours, or irregular fonts. Genuine sunscreens have distinct, skillfully intended labels.
  • Appear for certifications: Look for out recognised certifications like BPOM acceptance or equivalent regulatory endorsements unique to your area. Some manufacturers use QR codes or authenticity checks on their packaging.
  • Texture and scent: Genuine sunscreens typically have a constant texture and scent. Be wary of items with unconventional textures or smells.

By staying vigilant from counterfeit techniques and utilising model-delivered assets, we can safeguard ourselves and be certain we’re finding the reliable sunlight protection we need to have.

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What to Do When Buying for Sunscreens (Your Skin’s Best Good friend)

fake sunscreens

Credit history: Karolina Grabowska/Pexels

When it comes to sunshine security, sunscreen is your very best good friend. But not all sunscreens are established equal!

Glance for a wide-spectrum sunscreen with SPF 30 or increased. SPF stands for Sunlight Defense Component, and it tells you how perfectly the sunscreen shields against UVB rays.

Here’s a quick breakdown:

  • SPF 30 blocks about 97% of UVB rays
  • SPF 50 blocks about 98% of UVB rays
  • SPF 100 blocks about 99% of UVB rays

It’s essential to prioritize our pores and skin in excess of preserving a few pounds. Preserving towards UVA rays is just as vital as making use of SPF, as they are the main trigger of sunshine-induced ageing.

Don’t forget, the decreased the SPF, the higher the risk of hyperpigmentation and wrinkles. Be positive to acquire sunscreen from highly regarded sources to ensure authenticity.

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Featured image credit score: @drjuliansass/TikTok, @janinefalcon/TikTok, @davidzolanski/TikTok

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