It is not just about every working day that we see an individual embracing the previous or actively recalling cherished moments, as most of us want to maintain onto those people reminiscences for as extensive as achievable. On the other hand, Koryou Xing, a scent designer and the imaginative thoughts at the rear of Malaysia’s ‘Scents of Memento‘ fragrance model, has a one of a kind point of view on this.

Since its inception in 2019, ‘Scents of Memento’ has crafted 10 distinctive fragrances and Mr.11 is coming in the vicinity of shortly! Evolving from candles to a bespoke fragrance line. Every development embodies a tale or a glimpse into Xing’s life, developed to evoke recollections of constructive encounters that provide him a perception of calmness and peace. In addition, Xing aims to share this nostalgic essence with all people by means of just about every observe.

For the duration of our discussion with Xing, he graciously shared tales from equally ahead of and just after the institution of ‘Scents of Memento.’ Dive into Xing’s journey of self-discovery, passion, and his mission to distribute positivity by the ability of scent.

Koryou Xing, Founder of Scents of Memento

The Birth of Scents of Memento

Convey to us about by yourself. What sparked the strategy to start your have perfume brand: Scents of Memento?

Right before I started off this company, I worked in the promotion area for almost eight yrs, and deep down, I generally envisioned proudly owning my personal enterprise by the time I turned 30.

Given that I was youthful, I have been a big supporter of perfumes and appreciate to smell distinct scents, even dust. This may possibly audio a bit odd, but it’s real. I have a ailment recognized scientifically as ‘synesthesia,’ in which I can visualise scenes via recollections or pictures. This element of my temperament led me to build a passion for perfumes.

Scents of Memento presently offered 10 unique fragrances

Reflecting on my journey in advertising, I am grateful for how it increased my creativity and skills in navigating several platforms. On the other hand, a person day, I realised that I no extended preferred to pursue it and decided to set up my brand name. 

Just after discussing with my pals about the sort of business to venture into, they pointed out my knack for picking perfumes and candles, together with my enthusiasm for them. This encouragement, alongside with guidance from family and mates, led to the birth of Scents of Memento.

What is the notion and reasoning for deciding on the name manufacturer?  

When I began the company, I aimed to produce scents that evoke recollections relatively than just odor fantastic simply because I believed that by yourself wasn’t enough. To me, a scent need to have a style, a story, and a history narrative. 

As a result, ‘memento’ signifies bringing again memories. This is why I named my brand name ‘Scents of Memento’ – to craft fragrances that evoke nostalgia and bring about reminiscences with every spray. Whether it is recalling a unique period, time, or place, I required my scents to capture a perception of nostalgia that resonates with distinct people at different levels of daily life.

Scent Designer & Synesthesia

You are not just a scent designer but also a candler! Was this all component of the master strategy or did it sneak up on you like a surprise scent?

Apparently, in 2019, I initially started out my model by advertising candles, and all through Malaysia’s MCO period, we conducted in depth research and progress to produce bespoke scents for them. The unique strategy was to produce a tea scent, but at that time, I had no knowledge of fragrance oils and was rather clueless. 

It was a demo-and-mistake course of action through these early times. Ultimately, I imported uncooked products like wax and fragrance oils from Australia, purchasing nearly 200 bottles of fragrance oil to experiment with to create the most effective of my creations. 

Bottles of fragrance oil

For my lineup, I normally aimed for a nostalgic topic, selecting scents that reminded me of my have reminiscences and ordeals. I desired to develop anything relatable to people, and in 2021, I started providing perfumes under my brand. And now, we are identified for our bespoke fragrances, created from high-high-quality ingredients and meticulously crafted.

Web hosting workshops to assist folks come across their signature scent? Sounds like a enjoyment and intriguing thing to do. How precisely does this magic operate?

As a substitute of only permitting clientele sample scents and decide on what they like, our bespoke strategy goes outside of that. Correct to the indicating of bespoke, we tailor scents dependent on just about every client’s temperament. 

Before creating their exclusive scent, we question individual issues to realize their favourite scents, new music tastes, and how they explain on their own. Using this information, we produce a blend of scents that actually demonstrates their identity, which might from time to time surprise even the shoppers by themselves.

The workshops are made to uncover hidden aspects of one’s character and persuade purchasers to be open up-minded, problem on their own, and find out surprises they may perhaps not have recognised about themselves.

Deciding upon The Accurate Scent

What scents do you suggest for turning up the warmth, rocking the sweet vibes, and just currently being fantastic whenever, any place?

I believe that a assorted vary of scents can impact many moods and events. Personally, I delight in matching my fragrances with the colours of my attire, looking at the influence on different configurations. My purpose is to produce an array of scents that resonate with unique folks, empowering them with a boost of assurance.

There Is No Improper Way!

What is the lowdown on perfumes – how can we sniff out the winners, the ones that last for ages?

There’s no guarantee that high-priced perfumes past longer or that cheaper types are inferior. It truly depends on your personalized preference and how you use the fragrance to avoid wastage.

When it arrives to longevity, it varies for each and every unique. I motivate you to consider a perfume 1st because it reacts in different ways on absolutely everyone because of to our unique overall body temperatures and hormones, which can have an impact on its performance. While a person perfume may possibly last all day for 1 particular person, it may well be a diverse expertise for another specific. So, striving it out very first is the essential.

Alright, hit us with some professional recommendations – what is the appropriate way to spritz ourselves with perfume for optimum influence?

Which is additional of a advertising and marketing gimmick, I would say. There is no proper or incorrect way just spray on the other hand you like. If you like spraying it on your skin, go forward, but be sure to be cautious as it can be sensitive for some individuals. Personally, I want making use of it to my outfits instead than my pores and skin simply because, for me, it lasts extended as the material absorbs the fragrance greater.

Furthermore, pay awareness to types like eau de parfum, eau de toilette, and others, as they help gauge the perfume’s general performance centered on its concentration.

The Joy As A Scent Designer

What’s the absolute finest component of being a scent designer? Give us the enthusiasm that would make your coronary heart sing in the world of scents! 

The absolute most effective element of remaining a scent designer is that I really do not have to get perfumes! 

Crafting fragrances is a supply of enormous pride for me as each scent tells its own distinctive story. When I usually unveil two new scents annually, every single generation undergoes meticulous refinement. It’s necessary to capture the great blend of feelings, vibes, and narrative in advance of introducing them to the entire world. As I inhale these fragrances, they transport me again to the moments and inspirations that birthed them.

It is often a pleasure to create some thing and be in adore with it…


It’s often a satisfaction to create a little something and be in appreciate with it, you know? For instance, I love the experience when a new scent shines brighter than its predecessor. Get our hottest generation, ‘Lost in 1930s‘, for case in point. I inspire visitors to take a look at our shop in RiverCity, and you are going to understand what I signify. 

Step back in time and reminisce with ‘Lost in the 1930s’

This fragrance genuinely evokes childhood nostalgia for some, it delivers back again recollections of viewing grandparents, although for other folks, it harks back to outdated Hong Kong films. It’s like being transported to people moments, reminiscent of looking at those people motion pictures. Isn’t that fascinating?

In addition, the aid I obtain is outstanding. I imagine any one who encounters ‘Scents of Memento’ or crosses paths with us is destined, like kindred spirits. This support, enjoy, and enthusiasm continue to keep me determined and heading potent.

Could the scents revive your fondest reminiscences!

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