If you land on this website page, think about this an formal invitation for you to be at the 18th version of the International Beauty Expo (IBE), prepared to captivate elegance gurus and enthusiasts alike. 

From May 11th to May perhaps 14th, 2024, the Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre will be remodeled into a kingdom of elegance excellence, showcasing the hottest trends and improvements in cosmetics, skincare, hair care, nail treatment, fragrances, attractiveness machines, and much more.

6 Causes Why You Must Be There!

1. Assorted Showcase

Examine above 430 exhibitors from 28 nations, showcasing the latest traits and innovations in cosmetics, skincare, hair treatment, nail care, fragrances, elegance machines, and far more.

2. Networking Excellence

Join with field leaders and industry experts, supported by esteemed Malaysian govt businesses this sort of as the Malaysia Tourism Promotion Board, Malaysia Conference & Exhibition Bureau (MyCEB), and Office of Abilities Growth (JPK), IBE 2024 is endorsed as the leading hub for business gamers to create top quality small business networks.

3. Historic Collaboration

Witness the opening ceremony, in conjunction with Elite Expo&#8217s Malaysia Worldwide Jewellery Reasonable (MIJF) on May well 11th. This collaboration not only signifies unity in just the business but also offers attendees a twin practical experience of elegance and luxury.

4. World-wide Pavilion 

Find the industry&#8217s major place pavilion, that includes top elegance nations this sort of as Korea, Taiwan, China, Russia, Indonesia, and more, a have to-stop by for products fans.

These pavilions provide as a treasure trove for wholesalers, suppliers, distributors, and magnificence fans in search of the most up-to-date solutions, equipment, and machinery from around the world.

5. Excellence Awards

Celebrate expertise and innovation with the MIVA Asia Excellence Awards, highlighting international skills across hair, nails, make-up, embroidery, and additional. Showcase the sector&#8217s determination to talent development and innovation.

6. Upcoming of Elegance

Practical experience the evolution of the MICE (meetings, incentives, conferences, and exhibitions) market with worldwide exhibitors, chopping-edge solutions, and strategic planning, shaping the potential of attractiveness innovation., IBE aims to draw in a varied viewers of neighborhood and intercontinental buyers, delivering obtain to slicing-edge products, providers, brands, tendencies, and gear.

Don&#8217t skip out on this transformative attractiveness practical experience! Join us at IBE 2024 and find the future of elegance innovation. Now you know, be there and we’ll see you there!

For registration and a lot more information, go to IBE 2024 Formal Internet site in this article.

Make positive to comply with Glitz on Fb and Instagram for all the newest updates.

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Your Modern Lifestyle Armor from Sun Rays to Blue Light

Your Modern Lifestyle Armor from Sun Rays to Blue Light
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