Just like how we frequently explain our facial attributes as “heart-shaped” or “square-shaped”, now, quite a few are hoping to uncover out their animal experience kind.

The Koreans have been evaluating make-up models to the likeness of animals. Keep in mind the gang-aji (pet) eyeliner seem or the goyang-i (cat) makeup look manufactured preferred by them?

Currently, Koreans (together with the relaxation of East Asia) have been classifying the appearances of their beloved superstars into several &#8220styles,&#8221 drawing comparisons to animals.

Just take, for case in point, V from BTS, who is likened to a fox, or Jennie from BLACKPINK, who provides to mind a cat. AESPA&#8217s Karina, on the other hand, is explained as obtaining a &#8220snake&#8221 experience.

Can you see the resemblance?

Interested in discovering out what “animal” experience type you are? Tiktoker @kyurindiary shared an animal deal with exam to aid you determine it out &#8211 all you have to do is search in the mirror and generate down your results.

Quiz: Find Out Your “Animal” Facial area Variety

We have a list of concerns in this animal deal with take a look at for you, and you can decide on between solution A or B. Just jot down your responses for every single question.

Dilemma 1

(A) Do you have round eyes?
(B)Do you have slender eyes?

Dilemma 2

(A) Do you have a small nose?
(B) Do you have a superior nose?

Animal Face Type Quiz Eye and Nose

Your responses should look a little something like AA, BB, AB, or BA by now. But we have still acquired two much more concerns to go.

Issue 3

(A) Do you have thin lips?
(B) Do you have thick lips?

Problem 4

(A) Do you have a round chin?
(B) Do you have a sharp chin?

Animal Face Type Quiz Lip and Chin-n

Now that you have published down all your answers, we can ultimately go into the outcomes.

Quiz Results for Animal Face Style

Right here are all the feasible benefits you can get according to your mixture of responses.

Cat Deal with Form

cat face type jennie

Your solution: BABB, ABBB, BAAA, BABA
Attributes: Charming, mysterious

Persons who have faces resembling cats normally have eyes that tilt upwards at the corners. Their eyes can be either significant or small, as extensive as they give off a sharp perception all round.

Pet dog Encounter Kind

dog face type park shin hye

(These are just the exact same as the solutions for fawn confront variety. The variation is that canine experience forms have shorter faces. So if you think about your face limited, you&#8217re extra of a puppy confront variety. If your encounter is very long, you&#8217ll be regarded as a fawn face form.)
Park Shin-Hye
Qualities: Lady-up coming-door, approachable

People who have faces resembling puppies frequently have mild facial features and massive lovable eyes. Renowned for their adorable visual appearance, they ordinarily exude a fresh and youthful vibe.

Fawn Encounter Sort

fawn face type lim yoona

(These are specifically the similar as the responses for canine confront form. The difference is that fawn confront varieties have longer faces. So if you contemplate your face brief, you&#8217re more of a canine facial area kind. If your face is long, you&#8217ll be deemed a fawn deal with style.)
Lim Yoon-A
Traits: Unpretentious, energetic

People today who have faces resembling deer generally possess an elongated oval-shaped confront, a slim jawline, and eyes that sparkle.

Catfish Deal with Form

catfish face type nini

Your answer: BAAA, ABBA, BBBA
Ni Ni
Features: Posh, sophisticated

Even though catfish could not be the 1st factor that comes to head when you believe of beauty, but it is really identified as the most captivating experience condition. This face shape normally characteristics fuller lips, extensive-established eyes, and a somewhat flattened nose.

Frog Facial area Sort

frog face type cyndi wang

Your remedy: AAAA, AABA
Cyndi Wang
Features: Cute, might be a little comical

The frog encounter is typically deemed to be in the not-so-desirable group. Luckily, some uncover it is sweet. The distinct options of a &#8220frog facial area&#8221 contains huge double eyelids and a shorter chin.

Fowl Deal with Kind

bird face type song zuer

Your answer: BBAB, AAAB, BAAB
Music Zu&#8217er
Characteristics: Sharp, unique capabilities

This animal facial area style generally functions a slender, elongated facial construction with a pointed chin. Celebs with this encounter form generally possess a sleek and elegant allure, resembling the sleek and refined attributes of birds of prey.

Fox Encounter Style

fox face type fan bing bing

Your solution: ABAB, BBBB, AAAB, BBAB
(These are just the same as the responses for snake experience variety. The change is that fox face sorts have shorter faces. So if you look at your confront quick, you&#8217re a lot more of a fox face type. If your encounter is prolonged, you&#8217ll be viewed as a snake experience style.)
Lover Bingbing
Features: Stunning, smart

The fox confront form is characterised by a narrow and angular facial structure, typically with superior cheekbones and a pointed chin. All those with this experience variety exude a charming and crafty aura, akin to the clever and smooth character of foxes.

Snake Deal with Variety

snake face type karina aespa

Your remedy: ABAB, BBBB, AAAB, BBAB
(These are particularly the exact as the answers for fox face style. The difference is that snake confront forms have longer faces. So if you take into consideration your facial area limited, you&#8217re much more of a fox facial area kind. If your encounter is prolonged, you&#8217ll be considered a snake confront form.)
Karina (aespa)
Characteristics: Tasteful, aloof

Distinguished by long and slender facial shape, this animal experience style is generally characterised by outstanding jawlines and sharp capabilities.

Those with this facial area form often possess a mysterious and alluring existence, mirroring the smooth and enigmatic traits linked with snakes.

Pig Experience Form

pig face type ni ni

Your response: AABA, AAAA
Tan Songyun
Characteristics: Mild, harmless

Folks with this animal experience variety radiates a jovial, pleasant, and charming vibe. The pig experience type is recognised by its round and plump facial capabilities, frequently with a soft and whole appearance.

Goose Encounter Kind

goose face type liu shi shi

Your solution: ABAA, ABAB
Liu Shi Shi
Features: Stylish, demure

This animal confront variety is characterised by a popular and elongated facial framework, generally with a marginally pointed chin and a curved nose.

These with this experience variety normally exude an classy and refined manner, akin to the swish and majestic presence of geese.

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