Kuromi, the mischievous character from the Sanrio family, has captured hearts worldwide with its unique black-pink colour scheme and playful persona. Its popularity has led to a surge in collaboration between Kuromi and various beauty brands, resulting in a delightful array of makeup and skincare products.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of Kuromi or just looking to add some fun to your makeup bag, these Kuromi beauty collabs are guaranteed to spark joy and amp up your beauty game!

Innisfree x Sanrio Kuromi


i screamed!! HELLO, KUROMI @INNISFREE Singapore

♬ lucky girl syndrome – ౨ৎ⋆˚。⋆

Renowned Korean skincare brand Innisfree has joined hands with Kuromi to introduce a series of products. Combining classic best-sellers with Kuromi’s adorable elements, this collaboration adds a fun twist to skincare routines.

The limited-edition Kuromi packaging of the star product, Vitamin C Brightening Serum, is a definite collector’s item.

The collection includes Vita C Green Tea Enzyme Brightening Serum Special Set featuring a bottle of the brightening serum (30ml) with a charming Kuromi design. It also includes a travel-sized serum (20ml) and a cute Kuromi pouch for carrying your must-have skincare products (including this collection) in a fashionable way during your travels.

The set also comes with Vita C Green Tea Enzyme Brightening Pad Special Set, brightening toner pads and two Kuromi sticker sheets to add a personal touch to your items with this adorable character!

The Innisfree X Kuromi Vita C Green Tea Enzyme Brightening Serum Special Set retails for RM197.27 on Shopee, while the Vita C Green Tea Enzyme Brightening Pad Special Set retails for RM151.20 on Shopee. A discount is available at the time of writing, tap in to see discounted price. 

Innisfree Mineral Powder x Sanrio Kuromi


探しまくってやっとゲットできた〜〜!!!😭✨✨可愛すぎるのにさすがのイニスフリーで肌サラッサラになるから夏はみんなもっとき☝🏻#イニスフリー #イニスフリーパウダー #クロミ #クロミちゃん #フェイスパウダー #新作コスメ #新商品 #fyp

♬ キミのこと虜にするの – 💜

Known for its silky finish, the Innisfree Mineral Powder x Sanrio Kuromi collaboration is a cute, compact, and practical beauty essential.

This bestselling No-Sebum Mineral Powder can be used as a setting powder to keep your makeup flawless, as an eye makeup primer for smooth application, or even as a dry shampoo alternative to freshen up your hair.

The Innisfree Mineral Powder x Sanrio Kuromi retails for RM50 on kgifts.shop.  

Romand x Sanrio Kuromi


this Sanrio x Rom&nd makeup is too irresistible not to get! 💜 I’ve always loved Romand’s collection and this whole set is a must have for a Kuromi lover like me ✨ the cushion is lightweight and I love the coverage, the lippies are dewy, and the eyeshadow palette is too pretty to use 🥺 MY HEART IS SO HAPPYY! #sanrio #romand #kuromi #makeup #kbeauty

♬ Super Shy – NewJeans

We’re not surprised that this collaboration would quickly become a best-seller, combining one of the trendiest K-beauty brands with some of Sanrio’s most beloved characters!

Korean beauty brand Romand collaborates with Sanrio to unveil the Kuromi Makeup Collection, featuring lip glosses, eyeshadow palettes, and blushes. Adorned with Kuromi’s iconic motifs, the packaging and colour selections reflect the essence of Korean beauty trends, garnering a fervent following in the market.

Read here, for more details on these adorable products and where to get them. 

Pink Bear x Sanrio Kuromi


it’s such a dream come true to own these Kuromi and My Melody makeup set! 😭💗🖤 #kuromi #mymelody #sanrio #sanriocore #pinkbear #fyp

♬ Sure Thing (sped up) – Miguel

Pink Bear is an independent beauty brand that features cute, girly beauty products. One of their collaborations is with Sanrio Kuromi which comprises a makeup line with products such as eyeshadow palette, lip gloss, and mirror accessories.

From the makeup hues to packaging designs, each product exudes Kuromi’s adorable and glamorous elements while remaining highly practical. The Kuromi-themed mirror, in particular, is a must-have for its blend of cuteness and edgy elegance.

The Kuromi craze extends to these collaborative makeup and skincare products, each infused with Kuromi’s distinctive design elements.

Pink Bear x Sanrio Gift Make Up Set retails for RM149 on Beauticity. 

The Creme Shop x Kuromi


cute kuromi find 💜 #thecremeshop #kuromi #ultabeauty

♬ OMG speed song – geo

The Crème Shop x Kuromi collaboration brings a delightful mix of cuteness and edgy style to your beauty routine.

This exciting partnership features a range of skincare and makeup products, all adorned with the mischievous and lovable Kuromi character. From face masks and tinted lip balms to sleep masks and eyeshadow palettes, each item combines The Crème Shop’s high-quality formulas with Kuromi’s unique flair.

Perfect for fans of both beauty and Sanrio, this collection adds a playful touch to your daily regimen while delivering fantastic results.

One product we love is the Kuromi Klean Beauty™ Gelee Mask. It’s an intensive overnight moisturizer packed with nourishing ingredients like bakuchiol and raspberry, which help smooth fine lines for a renewed complexion. Use it daily to promote youthful, bright skin.

The Creme Shop x Kuromi Klean Beauty™ Gelee Mask retails for RM84.91 on The Crème Shop. 

BOP x Sanrio Oral Sprays

Source: potatoooland.my/ Instagram

Apart from skincare and beauty products there’s also a collaboration that’ll give you fresh breath.

The BOP x Sanrio collaboration introduces a fun and refreshing way to keep your breath fresh with their line of oral sprays. Featuring beloved Sanrio characters like Kuromi, these oral sprays combine practicality with cuteness.

Each spray is compact and easy to carry, making it perfect for on-the-go freshness. Available in various delightful flavours, these sprays not only freshen your breath but also add a touch of Sanrio magic to your daily routine.

BOP x Sanrio Oral Sprays retails for RM49.90 on Shopee. A discount is available at the time of writing, tap in to see discounted price.

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