Korean beauty brands are renowned for their innovative skincare products and trendsetting makeup. But, when it comes to their cushion foundations, historically, they are notorious for offering a very limited range of shades.

This is because Korean beauty standards have traditionally prioritised fair and porcelain-like complexions, leaving those with deeper skin tones underserved and overlooked in the beauty market.

However, breaking this trend, one particular beauty brand has stepped up by offering an impressively inclusive range of shades.

Find out more which brand it is and how many shades they currently offer below!

TirTir Cushion Foundations

TirTir, a well known K-beauty brand has taken a bold leap forward, emerging as one of the most inclusive ranges of cushion foundation available.

Source: Point Click Vibes/Instagram

The brand’s TIRTIR Mask Fit Red Cushion Foundation now comes with a total of 30 shades, breaking barriers and embracing diversity like never before.

Historically, finding a K-beauty cushion foundation that complements your skin tone has been a struggle as not many K-beauty brands offered a wide range of shades, including TirTir. However, the brand has recently expanded its shade range significantly, making it easier for more people to find their perfect match.


Finally, 30 SHADES! But which shade is for me? Fear not, we’re here with swatches. Watch how the 30 different shades blossom onto the skin!☺ #tirtir #tirtircushion #tirtirbeauty #maskfitredcushion #cushionfoundation #redcushion

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This move has not gone unnoticed. According to a recent TikTok post by TirTir, the brand has exciting plans to introduce even more shades in the near future, demonstrating their commitment to catering to a broader spectrum of skin tones.

Netizens Share Their Thoughts on TirTir’s Cushion Foundation Range

This announcement has been trending on TikTok, with many users praising TirTir for its inclusivity and setting a new standard in the K-beauty industry.

One particular influencer, @golloria, shared on her TikTok (embedded below!) that she was pleased to know that TirTir now offers one of the darkest cushion foundation ranges. After receiving a lot of critique from many netizens, the brand finally made the move to create a wide range of shades that complements even the darkest skin tones at the moment.

She also mentioned that TirTir’s cushion foundation is incredibly lightweight and promised that it looks amazing on the skin.

Despite it being a paid partnership, we can all agree that the brand is now making steps towards inclusivity and we love it!


That is a SHADE range!👀 @TIRTIR long lasting cushion foundation is for the dark skin girls! The perfect match, & the perfect lightweight formula to wear all summer!☀💋 #TirTirpartner

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Another influencer, @beatfacebray, also took to TikTok to share her thoughts on the deepest shade of TirTir’s cushion foundation.

She noted that the brand has responded to consumer requests by expanding their shade range and expressed appreciation for a brand that listens to its customers. She remarked that it is typical for Korean beauty brands to focus on fair skin tones, as Koreans are generally fair-skinned, making TirTir’s move towards inclusivity particularly innovative.


This is the deepest shade of the @TIRTIR cushion foundation 🫣 #tirtir #cushionfoundation #makeup #foryou #beautyinfluencer #trans #browngirlmakeup #makeupreview #makeupartist #koreanmakeup

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In addition to loving the packaging, she appreciated the feel of the foundation. However, she found the shade she chose to be a little too light, suggesting it may reflect the trend that associates fairness with beauty.

Now that TirTir has expanded its range and plans to introduce even more darker shades, we hope she can find one that complements her beautiful skin tone.

If you’ve been struggling to get a cushion foundation that matches to your skin tone, you can now check TirTir cushion foundation now.

What Is So Great About TirTir Cushion Foundation?


Teying the new updated viral Korean cushion foundation! They just dropped 30 shades including new darker shades @TIRTIR 👏 #koreanmakeup #kbeauty #foundation #tirtir #cushionfoundation

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If you’re wondering what is so great about TirTir’s cushion foundation, it was designed to last up to 72 hours under normal conditions and for 42 hours when worn under a face mask. Additionally, it’s transfer and smudge-proof, making it a go-to cushion foundation for many who prefer long-lasting makeup.

Source: TirTir Global/ Instagram

The foundation contains three red ingredients which includes hibiscus flower, red propolis, as well as astaxanthin. These ingredients help to keep your skin healthy and radiant. Additionally, the foundation has a creamy texture that makes it easy to apply, ensuring an even finish without giving a cakey finish.

As an added bonus, it also offers SPF 40++ coverage, which is crucial for protecting your skin from the burning rays.

While most of the shades aren’t currently available in Malaysia, you can still get a selected range of shades from Amazon for RM117.40. 

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