Netflix hit series, Bridgerton, is back with another season and we’re all swooning over the steamy drama, fancy outfits, and of course, the drop-dead gorgeous makeup looks. But before we get lost in the smoky eyes and rosy cheeks of Season 3, let’s rewind a sec.

Remember those flawless faces that somehow stayed perfect all season long?

We’ll be spilling the tea on the exact makeup products that we’ve spotted throughout Bridgerton’s endless social gatherings and dramatic confrontations.

Don’t worry, there aren’t any spoilers here!

How Does the Bridgerton Cast Keep Their Flawless Makeup Intact

Source: Business Insider

Behind the scenes, the casts endured demanding shoots, requiring makeup that could withstand the rigours of the Regency era without faltering.

The cast of Bridgerton had to have their makeup stay on point for up to 14 hours a day, which means they needed something that is budge-proof and doesn’t ruin their makeup halfway during the shooting.

We discovered that every actor and actresses on set was doused with the Pat McGrath Labs Skin Fetish Sublime Perfection Primer (RM225) at the start of each shoot that helps smooths, hydrates and blurs the skin with a sublime silken effect that ensures a flawless canvas and makeup application that lasts.

The primer paired with the Pat McGrath Labs Skin Fetish Sublime Perfection Foundation (RM340) really sticks for those long hours.

Infused with hydrating and skin-smoothing properties, these products ensured that the cast looked impeccable throughout their lengthy filming days.

In addition to those staple makeup products, the show’s makeup artist also relied on alternatives like the Make Up For Ever Step 1 Hydra Booster Primer (RM178) and L’Orèal Paris Infallible 24HR Fresh Wear Foundation (RM127.53), providing options for a seamless, enduring finish that stood the test of time.

Queen Charlotte’s Captivating Lip Colours

Source: Vogue India

Makeup artist, Erika Okvist, the mastermind behind the striking looks of Queen Charlotte, unveiled the secret behind her character’s bold and sophisticated lip.

For Queen Charlotte, she wore a different coloured wig and gown in every single appearance she made. Hence, her makeup looks and lipstick shades had to complement her entire wardrobe.

One of the lipsticks that was used on Queen Charlotte was the Milani Color Statement Lipstick (RM52). Offering a bold spectrum of hues, from lively pinks to striking reds, these lipsticks are infused with enriching vitamins A and C.

Not only do they make a statement with their vibrant colours, but they also feel luxurious and nourishing on the lips, ensuring you look and feel your best.

It’s no wonder why they’re used on Queen Charlotte, giving her a bolder and more sophisticated look – exactly what a queen deserved!

Bridgerton’s Season 3 Glamorous Looks

As we eagerly anticipate watching the next chapter of Bridgerton‘s captivating romance and drama, let’s explore the makeup secrets that await us in Season 3.

From alluring eyes to captivating lip colours, the beauty rituals of our beloved characters promise to transport us deeper into the enchanting world of Bridgerton.

Bridgeton-Inspired Lipstick Shades

Kiko Milano x Bridgerton Ballroom Beauty Satin Shine Lipstick 

A limited-edition lipstick made for the brand’s gorgeous Bridgerton collection inspired by the popular TV series. This collection of six fairy-tale lipstick shades comes in a dreamy satin finish.

And with a moisturising, non-sticky formula that’s enriched with shea butter and a comfortable lightweight texture, these timeless colours will sweep you right off your feet.

They’re perfect for anyone who wants to feel like they’ve stepped into the world of Bridgerton.

Get this for RM127.55 from Nordstrom. 

Pat McGrath Labs x Bridgerton II limited-edition SatinAllure™ Lipstick  

Applauding the hit Netflix series, Pat McGrath Labs rolls out the carpet for a limited edition take on its cult-favourite SatinAllure.


PAT McGRATH LABS SatinAllure Lipstick tryons #patmcgrathlabs #satinallure #skinsane2 #infatuation #lipsticks #sgbeauty @The PR People Asia @Pat McGrath Labs

♬ Wave to earth – 🎀

The lipstick formula delivers an impactful coat of colour that’s easily blotted out for a look that declares itself worthy of the series.

Get this for RM140 from Sephora. 

Alluring Eyes and Luminous Skin to Achieve Penelope’s Signature Look

In Season 3, Penelope’s makeup underwent a transformation, embracing a blend of smokey eyes and glowing skin that exuded confidence and sophistication.

To create her captivating gaze, makeup artists turned to the Patrick Ta Major Dimensions Eyeshadow palette (RM350), offering a versatile range of shades to craft Penelope’s mesmerising eye look.

Source: W Magazine

Complementing this palette were the Tom Ford Nude Dip Eye Color Quad (RM450) and cream eyeshadows like Chanel Ombre Première Laque (RM165) and Armani Beauty Eye Tint (RM130), lending depth and dimension to Penelope’s eyes.

To complete the look, Penelope’s makeup artist opted for the Armani Beauty Smooth Silk Eye Pencil (RM163.50), delivering precise lines that accentuated her allure.

How To Achieve Penelope’s Rosy Cheeks!

Season 3 is all about the romance of Penelope. Watching the series may have given us naturally rosy cheeks as we blushed along with the romantic scenes. But for Penelope, her radiant blush was thanks to a few makeup products.

To achieve Penelope’s glowing cheeks, her makeup artist used a combination of Pat McGrath Skin Fetish Highlighter + Balm Duo (RM234.28) along with a Dior Backstage Glow Face Palette (RM240) to create a glossy and rosy finish.

Then, she added a pop of colour with the Make Up For Ever Blush Palette (RM425).

To capture the flawless beauty of Bridgerton‘s leading ladies, think about adding these products to your makeup collection.

Featured Image: Vogue India, Glamour Magazine UK

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