If you&#8217re a fan of the hit K-drama Queen of Tears, then you&#8217re in for a take care of!

Kim Ji-won, who performs the function of Hong Hae-in in Queen of Tears, has been stealing the exhibit with her remarkable talent. You may keep in mind her from her previous wonderful performances in The Heirs and Descendants of the Sunlight.

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Not only is Ji-gained a gifted actress, people also can&#8217t support but notice her youthful glow and flawless complexion.

We&#8217ve been curious about her secrets and techniques to obtaining such a gorgeous glance, so we&#8217ve collected Ji-gained&#8217s best splendor guidelines, including her distinctive minimalist method to skincare and the merchandise she swears by.

Keep looking at to locate out how she retains her pores and skin balanced and radiant!

Less Is Far more

Credits: @geewonii/Instagram

Ji-received prefers to keep her skincare regimen very simple and successful, especially because she has delicate pores and skin.

She has revealed hat her pores and skin tends to get crimson and irritated soon after shelling out extensive hours shooting on established, or remaining underneath the sun for prolonged durations of time.

So, she avoids overcomplicating things and focuses on making use of mild solutions to protect against any problems while protecting sleek and healthy skin.

Ji-received also opts for multi-reason merchandise, like applying moisturising lotion for her palms and a moisturiser or ampoule for her undereyes, as a substitute of different hand product or anti-ageing eye cream.

A Straightforward 5-Move Regimen

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Ji-won&#8217s skincare program is all about simplicity, with just 5 easy actions!

To commence off, she cleanses her skin to get rid of any grime and impurities, adopted by a hydrating toner to refresh her pores and skin.

Soon after that, she applies a potent ampoule for a strengthen of moisture, leaving her pores and skin sensation sleek and healthful!

When her skin wants more hydration, she reaches for a moisturising product to seal in all the goodness from her skincare plan, and wraps it up with significant-high quality sunlight defense.

Listen To Your Skin

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Ji-received is really mindful of her skin&#8217s situation, and thinks that our skin has boundaries on how considerably it can take up at a time. That&#8217s why she will make absolutely sure to customise her skincare regime to accommodate her each day specifications!

She adjusts her products accordingly dependent on how her pores and skin is emotion, switching them up or skipping some dependent on her pores and skin&#8217s requires on any supplied day.

For case in point, when her pores and skin is dry, she opts for richer and thicker moisturisers to replenish hydration. On the other hand, if her skin is oilier than standard, she prefers lightweight serums to avoid mind-boggling her skin.

Use Refrigerated Ampoule Pads

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Ji-won swears by ampoules for her skincare routine, since they can efficiently hydrate and soothe her pores and skin, providing it the nourishment it demands.

In addition, she has a particular method for making use of her ampoules &#8211 she saturates a cotton pad with the ampoule, chills it in the fridge for 10 minutes, and gently presses it on to her cheeks.

This system not only hydrates and nourishes her skin, but also minimises pores for a flawless complexion. Furthermore, it&#8217s a good cooling take care of in our hot weather, for a little bit of self-treatment and leisure!

Exfoliate On a regular basis

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Ji-received understands the relevance of exfoliation in her skincare plan. By gently getting rid of lifeless pores and skin cells, she allows her skincare solutions to penetrate her pores and skin additional proficiently, trying to keep her skin sleek and her makeup flawless all through the working day.

Contrary to several other people, Ji-won doesn&#8217t have a make-up pouch with her. Considering that she&#8217s typically too fast paced for contact-ups, she ai,s to attain a great base, so that her make-up will very last all day!

To be certain that her skin stays nutritious and radiant, Ji-won opts for mild exfoliators like the Dr. G Brightening Peeling Gel.

This solution not only increases pores and skin texture but also brightens dull skin, without having leading to any discomfort or compromising the skin barrier.

The Dr. G Brightening Peeling Gel retails for RM105 on Shopee. It&#8217s presently likely at 35% off, so faucet in to see the most current selling price!

Don’t forget Sunlight Protection

Credits: @geewonii/Instagram

Lastly, don&#8217t neglect to involve sunscreen in your skincare regimen!

Ji-received makes confident she constantly has suitable sun protection for her pores and skin, considering that sunscreen is an critical move that not only shields your pores and skin from hazardous UV rays but also assists reduce untimely aging and preserve an even pores and skin tone.

Ji-gained&#8217s go-to sunscreen is the Dr. G Brightening Up Sunshine SPF 50+ PA+++.

This gentle method is great for sensitive skin and even has a peachy tint to give your complexion a stunning tone-up effect. With this sunscreen, you can appreciate flawless pores and skin that&#8217s very well-safeguarded from the sun!

The Dr. G Brightening Up Sunlight SPF 50+ PA+++ retails for RM135 on Shopee. It&#8217s at present heading at 40% off, so tap in to see the most recent price tag!

Showcased graphic credits: @geewonii/Instagram.

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