Burt’s Bees has long been celebrated for its commitment to natural ingredients and eco-friendly products, particularly its iconic lip balms. Taking innovation to a flavourful level, Burt’s Bees has introduced a fresh twist with lip balm flavours inspired by salad dressings.

These unconventional flavours have sparked intrigue among beauty enthusiasts.

Find out more about these unique offerings with initial reactions ranging from surprise to delight, with many praising the brand’s bold experimentation and the surprisingly delicious results.

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The Collection – Burt’s Bee Salad-Inspired Lip Balms

Burt’s Bees teamed up with Hidden Valley Ranch, a salad dressing brand to bring crave-able flavours of ranch and buffalo wings to your favourite lip balm. All you’ve got to do is swipe on these bold flavour combos to keep your lips well moisturised.

This (very) limited-edition comes in four different flavours which includes:

  • Hidden Valley Ranch​
  • Crunchy Celery​
  • Fresh Carrot​
  • Buffalo Sauce

What People Has To Say About This Collaboration

Burt’s Bees has truly nailed it with their latest love snacking on their lips. The introduction of their new savoury flavours has caused quite a buzz online, with users either playfully teasing the ranch lip product or absolutely adoring the unique concept.

As it was announced on 1 April, some thought this collaboration was an April Fool’s joke because of its quirky nature, but to their surprise, it turned out to be real – and wildly popular at that!

The announcement likely caught many off guard, as 1 April is notorious for pranks and hoaxes. However, Burt’s Bees and Hidden Valley Ranch were dead serious about their partnership, leading to a frenzy of excitement among fans. The unexpected and playful nature of the collaboration added to its charm, making it a hot item that flew off the shelves in just six hours!


April Fools joke turned into an actual sold out collab 🙃 #marketing #hiddenvalley #burtsbees #greenscreenvideo

♬ original sound – Karine ✨ brand + marketing

Many were excited to share their thoughts about this collab, just like @nate.rosen, TikTok influencer who said “ well, my dream collaboration just dropped”, expressing his excitement for this new flavoured lip balms.


My dream collab 🤩

♬ Club Penguin Pizza Parlor Theme – TootyMcNooty

Want To Get Your Hands on This Limited Edition Salad Inspired Lip Balms?


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Regrettably, if you were hoping to snag these limited-edition salad-inspired lip balms, you’re out of luck once again, as they’re sold out on Burt’s Bees official page.

Currently, there aren’t any updates on when they’re planning to restock this limited edition salad-inspired lip balms. However, if you’re eager to stay ahead of the curve and be the first to know about future limited-edition releases and more, you can sign up here.

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