With its trailblazing innovation in makeup artistry, MAC Cosmetics celebrated its 40th anniversary at the exclusive 404 Club in Kuala Lumpur last week, marking a monumental milestone. 

The event commemorated four decades of MAC Cosmetics pushing boundaries, celebrating diversity, and empowering individuals through the transformational power of makeup.

[Photo from L to R:] Jeii Pong, Ash Edward, Sweyi Sylvia, Alex Ho, Sarah Damanik, Nicole Chen and Mizzie Tham

Sarah Damanik, Estee Lauder Malaysia Brand General Manager, Makeup Cluster, said, “I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to our loyal customers, passionate makeup artists, and dedicated team members who have tirelessly championed our brand values and vision. Your passion and creativity have been the driving force behind our innovation and success. As we celebrate this milestone, let’s continue to embrace diversity, empower each other, and redefine beauty standards. Together, we can push the boundaries of artistry and pave the way for a future where beauty knows no limits. Here’s to many more years of breaking barriers and creating iconic moments with MAC.”

The glitzy event was also graced by social media celebrities including Jeii Pong, Mizzie Tham, Alex Ho, Ash Edward, and Nicole Chen, who donned the iconic shades from the MACximal collection.

Image credit: MAC Cosmetics

In honour of the 40th Anniversary, MAC Cosmetics is re-launching the MAC40 Bringback shades from its extensive collection of classic favourites, evoking a journey back in time with vibrant shades from sultry 90s hues to 2000s fan-favourite shades. The range comprises Bubbles, Haku, Shanghai Spice, Flipshot, Hot Gossip, Up The Amp, Double Shot, and Chintz.

MAC Cosmetics also teased its latest collection, MACximal, which features a reformulation of the original matte lipstick. The new version accentuates the lips with a silky matte finish, exceptional colour, comfort, and long wear. Available in 40 shades, the lineup includes versatile hues like Ruby Woo and Velvet Teddy.

To celebrate the milestone, MAC Cosmetics is offering a limited-time promotion on Lazada, which includes branded gifts with every purchase, complimentary shipping, collectible vouchers, and much more.

In celebration of National Lipstick Day, you can look forward to exclusive promotions both online and in-store. With a spend of RM380 on any MAC products, you will receive a complimentary lipstick. Additionally, from July 26 to 29, exclusively in-store at all MAC outlets, customers who purchase any two MAC products are eligible for a free lipstick. Terms and conditions apply.

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