Travelling to Korea should be on the top of your travel list, especially if you’re a beauty enthusiast. Koreans are well known for their beauty and skincare innovations, making it an ideal destination for anyone seeking to indulge in top-notch cosmetics and skincare products.

So, if you’re planning a beauty trip to Korea soon, here’s what you should consider trying out. A custom-made lip shades in Korea according to your skin tone.

Read on to find out where to go and how the process actually works!


Things to do in Korea: making a custom lipstick that perfectly matches your skin toneI swear Korea is living in year 3000 bc they’re always coming out with new technology to make such innovative experiences like this one! they also have things like making your own custom foundation and custom serum!! #korea #thingstodoinkorea #custommakeup #lipstick #shadematching #skinanalysis #customlipstick #koreamustdo #kbeauty #tonework #fyp

♬ original sound – Aylen Park

Aylen Park, an influencer, recently travelled to Korea and had a unique experience while she was there.

During her visit, she visited Amore Seongsu, a store where you can get custom-made lipstick and lip tint services tailored to match your unique skin tone. According to her, it was one of the most innovative and creative activities she did in Korea.

Having struggled to find a lip shade that complements her skin tone well, getting a custom made lip shade was the best decision she’s made.

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Get Your Lip Shades Customised In Korea!

Finding the right lip shade that compliments you well can be tricky. But, that isn’t the case for many Koreans, especially now that they’re able to customise their own lip shades. At Amore Seongsu, you can get your own lip shades customised according to your skin tone.

The customisation of lip shade begins with choosing between matte or glossy finish. Once you’ve made your choice, the beautician at the store will place a small colour palette tool on your cheek and the AI from their monitor will capture and analyse the pigment of each colour in your skin.

Within less than five seconds, you’ll get the results and find out which lip shades would best complement your skin tone.

Apart from custom made lip shades, you can also customise your own foundation shade as well as get a customised serum done as well!

Choose From Over 366 Shades

Out of the 366 available shades, you have the freedom to pick the ones that resonate with you and complement your skin tone beautifully. You’re not limited to just one choice; so don’t be afraid to choose more than one shade to try out.


Bikin warna lip tint yang cocok buat skintoneku di Korea💄 yep ga cuma foundation aja di video lalu 👉🏻 @Skincare by Jessica✨ tapi ada juga custom lip color! Seru sih menurutku jasa konsultasi kayak gini, mnrt kalian lebih worth ini atau foundie? #skincarebyjessi #customlipstick #customlipcolor #makeupkorea #koreatrip #amoreseongsu

♬ suara asli – Skincare by Jessica✨ – Skincare by Jessica✨

The experienced beautician will then meticulously apply each selected shade to your lips, allowing you to see how each one enhances your natural features.

This personalised approach ensures that you find the perfect shade that not only suits your complexion but also reflects your individual style and preferences.

Once you find the shade that resonates with you the most, simply inform the beautician, and they’ll proceed to prepare your customised lip shade.

Using their advanced technology, they’ll input your preferences into their system and you get to watch as a “robot” swiftly creates your personalised lip shade. In less than five minutes, your bespoke shade will be ready for immediate use, allowing you to enjoy your unique lip colour right away!

Pair Your Lipstick or Lip Tint With a Signature Scent!

Additionally, you can even customise the scent of your lipstick or lip tints. Some of the scent selections they have include:

  • Lemon zest (natural)
  • Frost Herbs (natural)
  • Vanilla Lust
  • Fig Woods (low allergen)
  • Pure unscented (no fragrance)

Now you don’t have to struggle with finding if you should opt for cool tone or warm tone lip shades.

The price for this service is $22 (~RM 103.56), which seems to be pretty reasonable to us.

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