Are you tired of endlessly testing out different foundations in stores and messing up your flawless base makeup?

It can be a real pain to find the perfect foundation shade, not to mention dealing with all the excess product on your hands.

If you’re looking to pinpoint your exact shade without the mess of trying on multiple foundations, then this article is just what you need!

Thanks to TikToker Mei (@unbiden on TikTok), we’ve uncovered a clever trick for virtually “trying on” foundation that’s both clean and convenient, originally used in beauty stores during the pandemic.

Keep reading to learn all about this innovative method, and what to keep in mind when giving it a go!

The Hack

Credits: @unbiden/TikTok

In order to discover the perfect shade for you, grab a small clear plastic sheet that can be easily held up to different areas of your face!

Start by selecting a few shades that closely match your skin tone and pump them directly onto the plastic sheet.

Next, use the plastic sheet as a canvas and spread the foundation shades into neat stripes for easy comparison.

Hold the sheet against your face to see how the shades appear when they’re “floating” on your skin. The shade that effortlessly blends in is the one you’ve been searching for!


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You can use small plastic covers, such as the ones used to protect powders, as they’re stiff enough to easily hold product, yet small enough to manoeuvre as you test the foundation on different areas of your face.

You can also try using cling wrap, which is flexible enough to hold directly to your skin.

Lastly, for an easily accessible alternative, you can try using a clear plastic bag, cutting it into small squares for convenience.

Still, there are a few things to take note of when using this trick, in order to get the most accurate results.

Things To Note


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Firstly, make sure you’re testing your foundation in the right lighting!

Fluorescent LED lights in stores can alter how the foundation appears, so remember to check it out from different angles and under natural light.

If that’s not an option, find a spot where the lights directly hit your face for a clear view of the colour.

Additionally, you may want to take these hacks with a pinch of salt – the foundation’s pigments and oils may oxidise when exposed to your skin’s natural acidity and warmth, causing it to darken in color.

It’s recommended to let the foundation sit on a plastic sheet for up to 10 minutes to observe any changes, but keep in mind that any reaction may differ when applied directly to your skin.

You can consider trying a slightly lighter shade, to counteract any oxidisation!

Credits: @unbiden/TikTok

Besides using this technique for foundation, you can also apply it to concealer – simply swipe the concealer next to the foundation for a direct comparison, making it easier to choose a matching set of concealer and foundation with the correct undertones.

To achieve a brightening effect, search for a concealer that is slightly lighter than your foundation. Additionally, try adjusting the plastic sheet to bring the concealer closer to areas like your undereyes for a flawless match.

You can even experiment with different lipsticks by swiping them onto the plastic sheet and holding it against your lips. This method helps you determine whether warm or cool-toned lipsticks complement your skin tone the best!

This trick is much more hygienic than using the store’s testers directly, and you won’t have to mess up or remove your current makeup with multiple products while making your final choice.

Featured image credits: @unbiden/TikTok.

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