Want that flawless K-pop idol complexion, but struggling with dry skin and patchy foundation? Look no further!

Check out this makeup guide by (G)I-DLE’s makeup artist Haemin, who also works with big names like BoA and Nam Joo-hyuk.

Haemin’s advice and techniques are a game-changer for those of us struggling to achieve a flawless foundation application.

With just a few simple steps, you’ll be able to achieve the same flawless base makeup as your favorite idols!

Keep reading to discover the secrets she swears by, and before you know it, you’ll be ready to shine on stage yourself.

Always Prep Your Skin

Credits: @haemin/小红书

Firstly, make sure your skin is well-prepped before starting your base makeup routine. If you begin with dry skin, you might end up with patchy and flaky foundation!

To make sure her base makeup looks flawless, Haemin uses toner or a hydrating essence to soak cotton pads, letting it sit on her skin for a minute so that the products sink in.

Next, she gently wipes the cotton pad across her face to hydrate and soften the skin, while also removing excess sebum. This ensures that the base makeup will adhere smoothly to the skin.

Afterwards, she applies moisturiser to seal in the moisture, patting it into the skin for proper absorption.

Don’t forget to blend thoroughly, including areas like the jaw, to ensure that your contour looks perfect later on!

Colour Correct for an Even Skin Tone

Credits: @haemin/小红书

Next, Haemin includes colour correcting in her prep routine to achieve an even skin tone.

Colour correcting with complementary colours can be a bit daunting initially, but it works wonders in creating a flawless complexion!

Haemin suggests that if you have sensitive skin that’s prone to redness, opt for a sunscreen or primer with a hint of green to counteract the redness and illuminate your skin, leaving it looking naturally radiant.

Apply Foundation With the Right Techniques

Credits: @haemin/小红书

Haemin’s technique for applying liquid foundation is perfect for those with dry skin!

She starts by applying a thicker layer in the center of her face and then spreads it outwards to her forehead and chin, using a foundation brush with dense bristles to help the product get into her pores seamlessly.

After that, she uses a makeup sponge to blend out any patchy areas, gently patting her skin.

Haemin recommends applying a bit of pressure when patting with the sponge, just enough to hear the sound of it on your skin.

This not only helps blend the foundation but also provides a mini facial massage, promoting blood circulation and reducing any bloating!

Brighten With Concealer

Credits: @haemin/小红书

To achieve a glowing complexion, apply a lighter shade of concealer before your foundation is completely dry! This allows the concealer to seamlessly blend into your base.

For a more natural appearance, Haemin recommends opting for a concealer that is just half a shade lighter than your foundation.

To create a luminous complexion, Haemin gently pats a thin layer of concealer onto the center of her face, where she typically applies her blush.

When applying concealer, it’s crucial to blend it by gently patting it into the skin instead of dragging it. This prevents any tugging on the skin and ensures that the concealer sits smoothly without creasing.

For precise application, Haemin personally prefers using a concealer pen as it offers greater accuracy and control.

However, if you need to cover specific areas of uneven skin, such as a stubborn pimple or scar, a cream or liquid concealer would be a better choice!

Set Your Makeup To Last All Day

Credits: @haemin/小红书

To ensure your makeup stays flawless all day long, it’s important to set it properly!

Haemin recommends using a translucent loose powder on the center of your face and gently pressing it into your skin with a brush.

If you prefer a radiant and glowy finish, you can lightly mist your favorite setting spray after applying the powder, holding the spray about half an arm’s length away from your face.

Once the setting spray has dried, it creates a thin film that effectively locks your makeup in place for the entire day!

Featured image credits: @haemin/小红书, @yuqisong.923/Instagram.

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