East Asian makeup trends have been creating a sensation in the beauty world. K-Beauty reached its peak in the 2010s, with everyone experimenting with glitter on their lower lids to create aegyosals.

As we stepped into the new decade, Douyin makeup emerged and changed the game. Eyeliner is now being used to create the illusion of bottom lashes.

With the Igari makeup trend gaining popularity, we bring to you a thorough analysis of the three distinct makeup styles.

While each style has its own unique characteristics, they share the common goal of highlighting Asian features, a departure from Western makeup trends that may not complement our delicate features.

TikTok user Raquelle (@princessraquelle on TikTok) does an amazing job at summarising the differences of the three makeup looks.


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In this article, we will explore the key differences of the three makeup styles and provide tips on how to achieve each makeup look.

Korean Makeup (South Korea)

Credits: @strawberrysodaplss/TikTok, @douyinmakeuptutorial/TikTok, @tattantatvemakeup/TikTok

Korean beauty trends have evolved over time, embracing the concept of ‘less is more’ with their clean and natural aesthetic. Instead of heavy makeup, they focus on achieving a flawless complexion with minimal products.

To create a light base makeup, they use a makeup spatula to blend out foundation for a sheer and natural finish. Soft, muted eyeshadow colours and lighter brows are also key elements in achieving their signature look.

While they may not emphasise blush as much, Korean beauty enthusiasts still enjoy experimenting with different blush trends, such as the popular purple-pink blush seen on Yoo Si-eun from Korean TV show Single’s Inferno.

korean vs douyin vs igari makeup sieun blush

Credits: @desemberkids/TikTok, @oatjoah/TikTok

To create this milky blush effect, soft shades of pale pink and purple blush are applied, adding a delicate touch of colour that perfectly complements the natural look of Korean makeup.

Focus on the Lips

The lips are the center of attention in Korean makeup. K-Beauty has witnessed various lip trends come and go, such as the trendy gradient lip, to the over-lined juicy lip favoured by Korean celebrities.

korean vs douyin vs igari makeup juicy jelly lips

Credits: @jooshica/TikTok, @janethevampireslayer/TikTok

Douyin Makeup (China)

korean vs douyin vs igari makeup

Credits: _haxinhlao_0/TikTok, @immbunny/TikTok, 你圆不圆 (949485473)/Xiaohongshu

Douyin makeup is known for its dramatic flair, especially when it comes to eye makeup. Creators on Douyin aren’t afraid to experiment with vibrant, smokey colours, using eyeliner to redefine the shape of the eye.

Many enhance their eye makeup by contouring the under-eye area (known as aegyosal in Korean) to add more dimension. Koreans do this to appear more youthful, while the Chinese do it to achieve an ethereal, doe-eyed look.

Focus on the Eyes

The key elements that bring the whole look together are false lashes and coloured contacts. The popular Manhwa lashes took off with the rise of Douyin makeup. Manhwa is the Chinese word for “comics”, which explains the inspiration behind the long lashes typically seen on comic book characters.

korean vs douyin vs igari makeup manhwa lashes

Credits: @nitailihaile/Xiaohongshu, @xt1838824111/Xiaohongshu

Douyin makeup heavily relies on shimmers and glitter — whether it’s dazzling eyeshadows or radiant highlights, the aim is to resemble a fairy powdered in pixie dust.

Igari Makeup (Japan)

korean vs douyin vs igari makeup

Credits: @jinaornjina/TikTok, @hoangthachthao_/TikTok, @keyiuiu/TikTok

Igari makeup, also famously known as “hangover makeup”, is incomplete without its blush. It mimics the flushed cheeks one gets when they’ve had too much to drink.

The heavy focus on blush creates a youthful and doll-like effect, in comparison to the sophisticated elegance of Korean makeup and the dramatic flair of Douyin makeup.

The Igari style combines elements from both Korean makeup and Douyin makeup styles. While still maintaining a natural appearance like Korean makeup, it places a strong emphasis on the cheeks, attracting all the attention to that area.

It combines elements of both the Korean makeup and Douyin makeup looks. While it is natural like Korean makeup, it goes heavy on the cheeks, drawing all the attention towards it.

Focus on the Cheeks

To achieve the Igari makeup look, it’s best to use a glowy and lightweight base. Cream blushes and highlights are recommended as they can effortlessly blend into your base makeup, giving you a natural flush from within.

korean vs douyin vs igari makeup hangover blush

Credits: @twentywendy/TikTok, @cdqtit99/TikTok

To achieve a healthy, sun-kissed glow, try applying blush across both cheeks and over the bridge of your nose, instead of just the apples of your cheeks.

Featured image credits: @strawberrysodaplss/TikTok, @immbunny/TikTok, @hoangthachthao_/TikTok

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