The 55th edition of Cosmoprof Around the globe Bologna came to an conclude on March 24th, 2024, with exceptional final results.

A full of 3,012 exhibitors from 69 nations and 248,500 worldwide attendees from about 150 nations ended up recorded, marking a important improve from very last calendar year. Cosmoprof Around the globe Bologna 2024 correctly recorded a milestone with its highlights of Cosmopack & Cosmoprof Awards, cross-continental exhibition of winners of the 2023 Awards from Cosmoprof North America, Cosmoprof Asia, and Cosmoprof India, as very well as insightful trends that will shape the potential of the elegance business.

“It was an exceptionally favourable edition, confirming the effervescence of the sector, and over all the strategic importance of Cosmoprof for intercontinental operators,” said Gianpiero Calzolari, President of BolognaFiere. “We are also really grateful for the guidance and presence of the institutions and various reps of the Italian Authorities. The aid of ITA – Italian Trade Company &#8211 has been especially strategic: for this edition,  ITA involved around 70 offices to invite delegations from the principal markets. Many thanks to synergies with institutions, we hosted top customers from 113 international locations. An incredible end result that responds to the needs of an marketplace that is one particular of the flagships of “Made in Italy”, and which justifies proper recognition.&#8221

“More than 15 billion euros in turnover, exports at history concentrations which grew by in excess of 20% in 1 12 months, a trade equilibrium of a lot more than 4 billion: the Italian cosmetics business presented itself with these numbers at Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, highlighting its great importance for “Made in Italy” to the intercontinental attendees of the reasonable&#8221, commented Benedetto Lavino, President of Cosmetica Italia, Italian affiliation of beauty businesses. 

“In these four rigorous times of the occasion, performing aspect by aspect with the companions of BolognaFiere Cosmoprof, we were being able to communicate about the excellence expressed by our industry: in addition to the economic evidence, the occasion designed it possible to spotlight the wonderful value that the sector has also from an employment place of look at with a lot more than 390 thousand staff together the offer chain. Dialogue with representatives of the institutions attending the honest permitted us to immediately clearly show the worth of our firms and to think about their precise requires. An indispensable synergy to experience the problems of the long run.&#8221

The exhibitors expressed gratitude for the new opening dates, which saw all pavilions start out operating on, permitting alternatives to create relationships amongst the professional attendees. Enrico Zannini, Basic Supervisor of BolognaFiere Cosmoprof, available insightful aspects on this by introducing that, “The response from our group to the new opening dates was really positive: from Thursday, very profiled website visitors were equipped to interact with our exhibitors to investigate new business enterprise opportunities, and this is an excellent outcome for us.” 

“The Cosmoprof format has at the time all over again demonstrated that it can adapt to the wants of organizations and operators for the progress of the sector. After the wonderful final results of this edition, we are getting ready to organise the up coming gatherings of the global community with optimism and self-assurance. In the coming months, Cosmoprof will be in Bangkok, Las Vegas, Hong Kong, Mumbai and Miami. Looking forward to returning to Bologna once more for the up coming version of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna 2025, from 20th to 23rd March,&#8221 he additional.

Cosmoprof Throughout the world Bologna 2024 affirms its primacy as a renowned system that serves as a catalyst for the natural beauty industry, which in accordance to EUROMONITOR International is envisioned to surpass 670 billion pounds globally by the stop of this calendar year, with a 9% once-a-year development predicted around the next four years. Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna is scheduled to choose put from 20th to 23rd March, 2025, so look at this space for further aspects.

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