Using expired products is never a good idea, especially when it comes to dealing with acne.

Just take a look at what happened to TikToker Stephanie Margarucci (@beasteater) when she used an expired acne treatment.

She had to deal with a chemical burn, bacterial infection, open wounds, scars, and a major blow to her confidence. Not to mention, the cruel comments on social media as well.


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Chemical Burns From Using Expired Acne and Dark Spot Treatment Product


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On 23 March, @beasteater initially shared the distressing condition of her skin as a way to acknowledge the hospital’s medical assistance and to illustrate the extent of her injuries.

Five days later, on 28 March, she uploaded a TikTok video where she provided a detailed account of the incident and the events that led to the life-threatening infection.

She had generously applied a significant amount of an acne and dark spot treatment product on various areas of her face, including her cheeks, chin, and the space between her brows.

As a result, her face began to experience an intense burning sensation, prompting her to immediately wash off the product. To her dismay, she discovered that her face had become severely swollen.

In an attempt to alleviate the situation, she purchased and utilised a face steamer, which unfortunately exacerbated the chemical burns and led to a bacterial infection spreading across her entire face.

After enduring four days of excruciating pain, she sought medical attention at the hospital.

It took approximately a month for her skin wounds to heal and for her to regain the ability to apply makeup on her face.

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What People Are Saying


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Although TikTok users were constantly asking about the specific product and brand used by @beasteater, the information was never revealed. Instead, she affirmed that it was her own fault and actions that led to the infection.

Many users said it was the facial steamer that made things worse. One user explained that the expired product would be less potent than before, pointing out that it was because “she applied 50x too much product and steamed it in”.

Another user, Jacqueline Cole, shared that any break in the skin should be taken seriously for this reason.

“Your skin is your largest organ and steaming an open wound just introduces bacteria crazy fast. Open wounds need to be cleaned with antibacterial ointment and something to cover it until it scabs over at least. You should only be steaming healthy skin,” they added.

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How to Avoid This Cautionary Tale

Trials and Patch Tests


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Develop the routine of conducting additional research and reviewing the labels prior to buying or investing in beauty products. Consider your past experiences with certain products and their ingredients to understand how your skin may react!

If you notice any tingling or burning sensations after using a product, it’s important to take note of it.

Before applying a new product all over your face, perform a patch test on a small section of your jawline for a few days to ensure there is no irritation.

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Routinely Check Your Product’s Expiry Dates

tiktok beasteater acne cream chemical burn

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Certainly, the terms “best before” and “expiry date” hold distinct meanings when it comes to food items. However, in the realm of beauty, the word “expired” simply implies that it’s time to discard the product.

Once a beauty product reaches its expiration date, its ingredients may deteriorate, resulting in a loss of effectiveness or potential skin irritation. Additionally, it could cause dryness, redness, rashes, or even acne breakouts.

In certain instances, expired products may harbour bacteria, which can lead to infections. This is particularly true for products used around the eyes or those that come into contact with mucous membranes.

Therefore, it is crucial to regularly check the expiration dates of all the products you use before making a purchase. Taking the risk is simply not worth it!

How to Use Acne and Dark Spot Treatment Products Properly

how to use spot treatment the right way

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When using spot treatment products for acne, it’s best to apply a small amount, like a dot the size of a sunflower seed, for individual pimples. Remember, less is more! For larger areas with breakouts, a pea-sized amount should be sufficient.

It’s important to avoid overtreating your skin, as this can damage its barrier, clog pores, irritate the skin, and potentially worsen breakouts. Start with a small amount and only add more if needed, as spot treatments are designed to be potent.

Understanding which skincare ingredients don’t mix well and could irritate your skin is crucial. Always follow the directions on the product label, as specific instructions may vary.

If you have any concerns or experience irritation, consult a dermatologist for personalised advice.

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How to Deal With a Chemical Burn


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If you happen to get a chemical burn from your skincare and beauty products, it is crucial to take immediate action. Firstly, discontinue the use of the product right away to prevent any further harm to your skin.

Next, rinse the affected area with cool water for about 15 to 20 minutes. This will aid in removing any residual product from your skin.

Afterwards, gently pat the area dry using a clean, soft cloth. To alleviate pain and reduce inflammation, apply a cool compress or petroleum jelly to the affected area.

Lastly, ensure to use a gentle and fragrance-free moisturiser to promote healing and maintain the skin’s hydration levels.

However, if the burn is severe (deep, blistering, or covers a large area), if you experience pain or swelling, if you notice signs of infection (such as pus, redness, or increased pain), or if the burn is on your face and near your eyes, it is crucial to seek immediate medical attention.

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Featured image credit: @beasteater

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