Aura nails are like the adventurous cousin of the blush nails. Instead of sticking to traditional colours like pinks and reds found in blush nails, aura nails are a bolder, more creative alternative of the ombre nail trend. Explore unique decals and nail art to make a statement with your nails!

What Are Aura Nails?

Credits: @phoebesummernails/Instagram

If you’re intrigued by the world of the occult, you might be familiar with aura colours and how they emanate from every individual.

Each colour represents a unique mood, emotion, or energy, and most people have a multi-coloured aura. The popular trend of aura nails pays homage to this spiritual pursuit by creating a gradient effect that mimics the vibrant energy fields that surround a person.

There are various techniques to achieve the soft and blended ombre look of aura nails. Some commonly used methods involve tools such as airbrush machines, brushes, and sponges to seamlessly blend the different colours. Additionally, blush and eyeshadow can also be utilised to create the mesmerising aura effect.

20 Aura Nail Looks You Can Try Out

Pretty in Lilac

pretty in lilac

Credits: @zanasnails/Instagram

Combine two popular nail colours and you’ll achieve this elegant combination of lilac and chrome. This pairing is ideal for those who don’t want to venture too far out of their comfort zones. The soft lilac hue complements the dazzling chrome base, creating a delightful fusion of colours.

Coquette Core

coquette core

Credits: @avrnailswatches/Instagram

The coquette trend is taking over social media, with people adding bows and ribbons to everything. It’s time to incorporate that trend to your nails! Adding cute little bows to your pink aura nails is the perfect way to embrace your girly side.

Eras Tour Ready

eras tours ready

Credits: @bb.claws/Instagram

During the Eras Tours in Singapore, Swifties attending the concert have been searching the web for Taylor Swift-inspired nail designs to rock at the concert. What could be a better way to show off your fandom identity than sporting a stunning set of aura nails, showcasing the different colours of her iconic discography?

Butterfly Kingdom

butterfly kingdom

Credits: @madrinails/Instagram

This unique set possesses a touch of nostalgia with a quirky twist. The mix of blues and greens might seem like an unexpected combination, but it creates a playful base for the charming butterfly accents.

Cherry Wine Red

cherry wine red

Credits: @nailsbymiarae/Instagram

Wine red nails never go out of style. The combination of a white base with a soft pink ombre highlights the cherries, giving this set a nostalgic and vintage allure.

Venus and Mars

venus and mars

Credits: @tendrehands/Instagram

This planetary nail art is a perfect blend of originality and versatility. The muted colours used are enhanced by the modern nail art, combining different techniques to achieve the aura and tie-dye effects.

Double Aura

double aura

Credits: @lameufquifaitlesongles/Instagram

If you want to keep things simple but still experiment with different colours, you might want to go for a double aura design. Instead of just one aura in the middle of your nail, you’ll have two. You can opt for different colours to create a striking contrast, or different shades of the same colour to achieve a subtle ombre effect.

Pisces Szn

pisces szn


Get ready for Pisces season with this enchanting set. Channel the water sign by adorning your nails with delicate aura designs in pastel shades, featuring 3D gel accents that mimic dew drops and water patterns.

Chrome Pink

chrome pink

Credits: @nailsbydestt_/Instagram

This collection offers a perfect combination of styles, featuring a sleek chrome base paired with a soft, feminine pink tone. Enhance the overall appearance by adding sparkling jewels along the borders of the delicate pink glow.



Credits: @kimchinailz/Instagram

It’s pretty clear: you can never go wrong with neutrals. Browns and golds are a good choice if you want to effortlessly achieve an expensive look.

Mix and Match

mix and match

Credits: @rebeccapaintsnails/Instagram

There are numerous ways to style aura nails. If you’re looking to switch things up, try playing around with auras of various shapes and sizes, rather than just sticking to a traditional circular aura that radiates from the middle.

Colourful Maximalist

colourful maximalist

Credits: @innerbloom.nails/Instagram

This set proves that bigger is better. It explores a wide range of colours and finishes, creating a look that resembles a painting. It’s a perfect blend of fun and modernity, embracing vibrant and daring shades of colours.



Credits: @1995nailz/Instagram

The combination of Y2K and cyberpunk elements in this set is bold and eye-catching. Topping it off with chrome decals and edgy nail art, this look is sure to spark interesting conversations.

Jelly Pink

jelly pink

Credits: @lilysprettynailz/Instagram

The milky base colour, accompanied by a soft bubblegum pink glow, gives rise to a jelly-like consistency that exudes a youthful and feminine vibe. This is a good alternative for those who enjoy the blush nail trend.

Aura Tips

aura tips

Credits: @nailsbymexyy/Instagram

If you’re someone who likes exploring different options, you might want to try out aura tips. Unlike the typical aura nail with an ombre in the center, aura tips have the aura pattern specifically on the tips of the nails.

Alternate Colours

alternate colours

Credits: @nailsondez/Instagram

You can switch things up easily by alternating the nail colours on each hand. Just pick two nail colour shades and you’ll have a chic and stylish set of aura nails in no time!

Multiple Auras

multiple auras

Credits: @clawedbycami/Instagram

Why not experiment with multiple aura patterns on each nail? This trendy look showcases various aura designs, subtly peeking out from the corners of your nails. To complete the look, add some charming accents that bring everything together.

Two-Tone Colourblock

two-tone colourblock

Credits: @martini_nailz/Instagram

Choose two colours and try out various shades of them in this colourblock pattern. Enhance the overall look by adding rhinestones or embellishments that you prefer. The important thing is to focus on two main colours and build your design around them.

Boston University Red

boston university red

Credits: @avrnailswatches/Instagram

The Boston University red nail colour has been making waves on TikTok—combine that with your timeless burgundy shade and you’ll achieve a delicate aura that adds a flair to an otherwise simple nail look.



Credits: @nailartistrybykylie/Instagram

Purple and pink pair well together for a whimsical and youthful manicure. Add some chrome decals to complete the look and you’ll be all set to showcase your fabulous nails on your upcoming Instagram post (bonus points if you’re also featuring a delectable dessert in the picture!)

Featured image credit: @bb.claws/Instagram, @lameufquifaitlesongles/Instagram, @madrinails/Instagram

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