Planning a getaway soon? If you’re a beauty enthusiast, you’ll want to look your best while travelling. This means bringing along your trusted beauty essentials, like your favourite blush or go-to moisturiser.

However, it’s crucial to take extra precautions when travelling with beauty products. Nothing spoils a relaxing vacation like discovering broken powders and leaky liquids in your luggage!

To help you avoid these beauty mishaps, we’ve gathered nine essential tips for you to try before your next trip.

By following these handy suggestions, you can save yourself the disappointment of ruining your beloved products (and the hassle of cleaning up the mess).

Keep reading to discover these useful tips and make packing your toiletries a breeze!

Protect Powder Products

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Many of us rely on our favorite powder products like setting powder, blush, or eyeshadow.

However, when we travel, these delicate powder pacts can easily break. Just one rough bump and you’ll end up with a shattered compact and powder everywhere!

To protect your powder products during transit, give them some extra care and attention. One helpful tip is to place a thick cotton pad in the compact, resting it on top of the powder.

This soft cotton material acts as a cushion, reducing the chances of your compact coming into contact with a hard surface and breaking, even if it gets shaken around.

Prevent Leakage With Plastic


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Many travellers often encounter the problem of liquid products spilling, which can be pretty troublesome! A bottle of serum or shampoo with a loose cap can lead to a disaster for your carefully packed belongings.

To avoid such mishaps, you can try using a sheet of plastic, like cling wrap, as a protective barrier to prevent any leakage!

All you need to do is cut a small square of plastic, stretch it tightly over the bottle’s opening, and then put the cap back on to catch any potential spills.

Moreover, for an additional layer of safety, consider placing your bottles inside a plastic bag before packing them in your luggage.

Cushion Fragile Products

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If you want to keep your valuable makeup and skincare products safe during travel, it’s important to provide some extra padding to protect them from rolling around in your luggage.

The easiest way to do this is to simply use your clothes as padding. This way, you won’t need to do any extra packing!

Protect your fragile items by wrapping them in your clothes before placing them in your suitcase, making sure there are clothes on all sides of the products.

The softness and thickness of the fabric will provide a cushioning effect, keeping your products safe from any bumps or knocks.

Get Multipurpose Products

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Why not take advantage of the beauty industry’s innovative ideas to save yourself some time?

Consider investing in multipurpose products that can help you streamline your beauty routine, especially when you’re on the go. This way, you can pack fewer items and make travelling more convenient.

Give a tinted moisturiser or sunscreen a try, for a touch of natural coverage that also provides nourishment to your skin.

Alternatively, opt for a product that can be safely applied and built up on both your cheeks and lips. This way, you’ll have a 2-in-1 blush and lip tint that saves you time and effort!

Try Solid Products

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Other new innovations to try out are solid beauty products that dissolve in water, which have been gaining popularity for their convenience.

These compact tablets transform into a rich lather when submerged in water. Plus, they help minimise plastic waste by reducing the amount of excess packaging!

Solid shampoo, body wash, and facial cleanser are all available options, helping simplify your daily routine and streamline your packing process.

Use Samples

If you’re a fan of purchasing beauty products, chances are you’ve gathered quite a collection of free samples and gifts that somehow magically appear with every shopping spree.

The perfect opportunity to put them to use is when you’re travelling abroad. These mini-sized goodies are designed to last for a week or two, making them ideal for your journey.

Not only will you declutter by utilising all those free samples lying around, but you’ll also save precious space in your luggage!

Soak Cotton Pads

When going on short trips, consider reducing the number of bottles you pack by using cotton pads soaked with your essential products.

You can prepare for your journey by saturating cotton pads with toner or makeup remover for easy use later.

Cotton pads are more convenient to carry than bulky bottles, and they’ll remain moist for several days when stored in an airtight container.

This way, you can save space in your luggage and have your products handy while on the move.

If you prefer not to manually soak each pad, purchase toner pads and makeup remover wipes that already contain the right amount of product!

Use Contact Lens Cases For Storage

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For a creative storage solution, consider utilising contact lens cases!

These handy items already have two compartments that seal securely, making them ideal for storing lotions or creams. Just fill them up with the amount you need for your journey, and you’re all set!

Plus, their compact size and lightweight design allow you to pack as many as you need without using up too much space.

Get The Right Bag

Are you struggling to keep track of your beloved products and fit them all into your luggage? It might be a good idea to invest in a high-quality toiletry bag.

With compartments that are properly separated out, you can pack only what you need and easily locate everything. You’ll never have to dig through all of your belongings to find your favourite lippie again!

We’d suggest getting a toiletry bag that can be hung on a hook and unrolled vertically, as not all hotels have enough counter space for your toiletries.

Even better if the bag is padded, since it’ll provide much-needed protection for your beauty essentials!

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