From Seoul to KL, one of the most popular K-beauty brands, 3CE boutique is finally opened in Malaysia!

Founded in 2009 by Stylenanda, 3CE has taken the beauty world by storm with their innovative formulas, eye-catching packaging, and a range of trendy beauty products.

From their perfectly pigmented lip tints to versatile eyeshadow palettes, blushes, eyeliners, mascaras, and eyebrow products, 3CE caters to every makeup look imaginable, whether it’s a daily natural look or a show-stopping special occasion glam.


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Now, you can get all your favourite 3CE products at The Exchange TRX.  Just a few days ago, The Exchange TRX shared some exciting news – they announced that the boutique will be hosting its grand opening soon.

And just like you, we’re all eagerly anticipating for their grand launch. However, at the moment, there hasn’t been any further announcement regarding the exact date and time of the grand opening. One thing’s for sure – it’s going to be a must-visit for all K-beauty enthusiasts in Malaysia.

3CE Boutique Opening Promo

Source: XHS

While the official grand opening announcement is pending, the store is already open for business, offering you the chance to explore and enjoy their range of products.

At the moment, the store is having an Opening Promotion from now until 30th April 2024. Don’t miss out on these fantastic deals to celebrate the grand opening of the boutique at The Exchange TRX!

Opening Promo

  • With any purchase, receive a Blur Water Tint Mini.
  • Spend RM100 and above, get a Blur Water Tint Mini with a pink Enamel Pouch.
  • Spend RM200 and above, receive a Blur Water Tint Mini and a Handle Bag.

Bundle Set Promotions

  • Bundle 1: Purchase a Multicolour Eye Palette, any lip products and a Face Blush to enjoy 20% off and receive a free gift.
  • Bundle 2: Purchase New Take Makeup, New Take Blusher for a 15% off and a complimentary gift.
  • Bundle 3: Purchase Drop Glow and get 10% off along with a complimentary free gift too.

Take advantage of these fantastic deals while they last!

Must-Get Products From 3CE!

If you’re new to the brand and would love to explore their collection, here are some of the must-get beauty products when you visit 3CE boutique in Malaysia.

3CE Multi Eye Color Palette

Great for everyday makeup, the 3CE Multi Eye Color Palette is a nine-colour palette featuring a perfect blend of shades. With nine complementary tones, this palette is ideal for creating a variety of looks for your daily makeup routine. Each shade is carefully selected to ensure seamless blending and effortless application. Whether you’re going for a natural, daytime look or a more dramatic, evening ensemble, this palette has everything you need to achieve stunning results. Plus, its high-quality formula ensures that the shades remain clear and vibrant, even when layered multiple times.

This retails for RM194.88 on Olive Young.

3CE Shine Reflector

For the juiciest pout, look no further than the 3CE Shine Reflector. This magical lip product offers a 3D glowing volume sheen that intensifies with each layer.

With its innovative formula, it delivers a 360-degree volume shine, ensuring your lips radiate a high gloss from every angle. Featuring seven stunning shades in middle-deep tones, this reflector allows for clear color expression that lasts.

Thanks to its high refractive oil, your lips will gleam with a brilliant glow that catches the light effortlessly. Plus, the cool melting texture provides a plumping effect, smoothing over lip wrinkles and eliminating dead skin cells for a flawless, glowing finish.

This retails for RM116 on Olive Young.  

3CE Hazy Lip Clay

For all matte lovers, indulge in the luxurious experience of the 3CE Hazy Lip Clay. This unique lip product features a melty clay formula that settles gently without making your lip feel dry. With its intense matte finish, it delivers a sophisticated touch to your overall look.

Available in 10 stunning colour variations, ranging from medium tones to medium brightness, there’s a shade to suit every mood and occasion.

This retails for RM125.28 on Olive Young.  

3CE Creamy Cheek Stick

The 3CE Creamy Cheek Stick is perfect for achieving a fresh and radiant makeup look. With its smooth formula, you can easily apply it with your fingertips, no brush needed! It comes in five versatile shades that are easy to wear, so you don’t have to worry about feeling overwhelmed. Even if you’re new to makeup, these colours won’t be intimidating.

3CE Blush Cushion

The 3CE Blush Cushion has a lightweight formula that provides a subtle radiance to your cheeks. Even though it’s water-based, it has good staying power. If you want a blush that gives a gentle flush, this is the way to go, since you can layer it without it appearing heavy or caked on.

3CE Brow Pencil & Cushion

It’s a 2-in-one eyebrow essential that features a slim pencil on one end, meticulously designed to mimic the appearance of real brow strands with precision and ease.

On the other end, you’ll find a creamy powder cushion tip that effortlessly fills and shapes your brows, leaving behind a smooth and matte finish without any clumpy residue.

This retails for RM83.52 on Olive Young. 

3CE Back To Baby Pore Velvet Primer

Perfect for any skin type, it’s packed with hydrating and mattifying components to get rid of unwanted shine while still keeping your skin radiantly beautiful.

This cream-like formula is expertly crafted to control sebum production, ensuring a matte finish that lasts all day. Plus, it creates the perfect canvas for makeup application, helping your look stay fresh and flawless for hours on end.

This retails for RM78.88 on Olive Young.

3CE Mood Recipe Face Blush

With shades that are inspired by spring, this face blush from 3CE gives your cheek a burst of soft hues.

The Mood Recipe Blush boasts a cushiony, cloud-like softness with a silky texture that melts seamlessly onto your skin. With delicate and rich shades that effortlessly complement your skin tone, this blush ensures a natural, radiant glow that lasts all day.

This retails for RM88.16 on Olive Young. 

Featured Image credit: XHS

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