Who says beauty has to break the bank?

From Shein to Shopee and beyond, we’ve scoured the web to bring you budget-friendly beauty products. So, why splurge when you can save? Dive into our selection and uncover your next favourite beauty must-haves without draining your wallet.

Here are our picks of beauty finds—all under RM30!

Beauty Finds Under RM30 on Shein

Apricot Triangle Powder Puff

Comes in a set of five, this triangle powder puff helps you blend makeup like concealer and setting powder smoothly, even reaching the delicate under-eye area easily.

Whether you’re a makeup newbie or a seasoned pro, these triangle powder puffs are a game-changer in your beauty arsenal.

This retails for RM3.40 after discount at the time of writing on Shein. 

Concealer Brush with Soft Bristle

For those who love using makeup brushes to blend their concealer, this one’s a steal. With its soft fibre wool bristles, it offers a gentle touch that effortlessly blends your concealer into a seamless finish.

No more streaks or uneven patches—just smooth, flawless coverage every time you reach for this affordable gem.

This retails for RM3.40 per piece after discount at the time of writing on Shein. 

Shampoo Comb Scalp Massager

Revive your scalp with this hand-held massager!

Designed to stimulate blood flow through massage therapy, it rejuvenates your scalp for healthier hair. Plus, it’s versatile—you can use it while oiling your hair before shampooing or during shampooing for an invigorating cleanse.

This retails for RM4 after discount at the time of writing on Shein. 

Press On Nails

Skip the salon visits and opt for cute, affordable press-on nails instead! Take these pink ones with adorable 3D bow nail art, for example—they’re perfect for a date night. Plus, they come in different shades and designs for you to choose from. No need to spend hours and a fortune at the salon for the same look!

This retails for RM8 on Shein. 

Eyelash Curler with Comb Tooth

Tired of clumpy lashes? Use this eyelash curler after applying mascara as its comb tooth feature ensures that each lash is separated and evenly coated with mascara, giving you a defined and fluttery lash look.

This retails for RM6 on Shein. 

Travel Makeup Bag

Effortlessly organise your makeup or skincare essentials with this convenient travel makeup bag. It features designated compartments and pockets, allowing you to keep everything neatly arranged.

And don’t worry, there’s even a small compartment for your makeup brushes! This way, you can keep your travel bag or suitcase clutter-free.

This retails for RM17 on Shein. 

Foldable Makeup Brush Cleaning Pad

Cleaning your makeup brushes is crucial, especially if you want flawless skin and prevent regular breakouts.

With this foldable makeup brush cleaning pad, you can easily clean your brushes even when you travel for holiday. It’s a nifty tool designed to deep-clean your brushes effectively. Simply add soap and water, then gently swirl your brushes on the textured surface. The pad removes makeup buildup and bacteria, leaving your brushes clean and your skin happy.

Compact and convenient, it’s a must-have for any beauty routine.

This retails for RM4 after discount at the time of writing on Shein. 

Portable LED Light Mirror

Ever find yourself in a public place without a mirror when you need to touch up your lipstick or makeup?

This portable LED light mirror is a lifesaver! With its built-in light, you’ll have the perfect amount of illumination to touch up your makeup anytime, anywhere.

This retails for RM26 on Shein. 

Mini Refillable Perfume Bottles

Want to take your favourite scents everywhere you go? Check out these mini refillable perfume bottles!

They come in a set of five, so you can carry more of your favourite fragrances with you wherever you go. Plus, you’ll never find yourself without your signature fragrance again!

This retails for RM5.25 after discount at the time of writing on Shein. 

Drawer Organiser Set

Perfect for organising your drawer, this set is perfect for storing a variety of beauty and grooming items such as makeup, eyeliners, lip pencils, brushes, nail polishes, and more.

Plus, it keeps your drawer from looking messy and makes it easier for you to find your beauty products, especially when you’re running late to work or a meeting.

This retails for RM30 (4 pieces) on Shein.

Beauty Finds Under RM30 on Shopee

3D Massage Roller

This 3D massage roller is a hidden gem for beauty enthusiasts. It’s designed to provide lifting effects and promote blood circulation.

Can be used on your face and other parts of your body, this massage roller uses solar panel technology that generates a gentle electrical current similar to your body’s own to enhance your skin texture and firmness over time.

This retails for RM6.50 on Shopee.

4-in-1 Beauty Makeup Pouch

This pouch is designed to keep your skincare and makeup organised in one stylish place. It’s spacious enough to hold all your skincare and makeup products, so you don’t need to carry separate bags for all your beauty needs.

This retails for RM8.50 on Shopee.

Bathroom Shelf Rack

Transform your bathroom into a sanctuary of order and elegance with this sleek shelf rack. Crafted for both style and functionality, it provides a chic solution for keeping your essentials neatly organised and within easy reach, making your shower routine enjoyable.

This retails for RM19.95 after discount at the time of writing on Shopee.

Hair Dryer Holder

Are you tired of constantly wrestling with tangled wires and cluttered drawers every time you use your hair dryer?

Designed to save you drawer space while keeping your hair dryer tangled-free, this hair dryer holder could be just what you need. Plus, it’s suitable for hair dryers of all sizes, its sturdy construction offers reliable load-bearing capacity, providing both convenience and style to your grooming routine. It also comes with a small compartment for you to keep your brush in!

This retails for RM9.95 after discount at the time of writing on Shopee.

Makeup Mixing Palette

Have you seen makeup artists use a mixing palette to blend their makeup products? Well, now you can get the same mixing palette at a reasonable price on Shopee.

This versatile palette serves as a canvas for blending custom shades, mixing foundations, and creating unique colour combinations, especially for lipstick with ease.

This retails for RM8.49 after discount at the time of writing on Shopee.

Micro-fibre Hair Towel Wrap

If you’re aiming for smooth, frizz-free hair, ordinary cotton towels won’t quite cut it. Make the switch to microfiber towels instead. They’re gentler on your hair, reducing the risk of friction, tangling, and frizziness.

This retails for RM8.50 after discount at the time of writing on Shopee.

Exfoliating Towel

Exfoliating is key for smooth, radiant skin, removing dead cells and promoting circulation. An exfoliating towel enhances this process, featuring a textured surface that gently buffs away impurities and rough patches.

Plus, it also stimulates blood flow and encourages cell renewal for a healthy glow.

This retails for RM2.90 on Shopee. 

Silicone Foot Rubbing Mat

Source: Shopee review

This amazing anti-slip mat is crafted to elevate your bathing experience, offering both cleansing and foot massage benefits. Made from silicone, it’s soft, flexible, and features massage bristles that prevent slipping, ensuring a calming and enjoyable sensation.

Plus, you can stick it on the wall once you’re done using it, so you won’t have to worry about stumbling or falling while making your way to the bathroom at night.

This retails for RM29.70 after discount at the time of writing on Shopee. 

4 in 1 Portable Dispenser

Though it looks a little like a stylish flask, don’t be fooled! It’s actually a genius space-saving gadget.

Inside, you’ll find four separate compartments, each ready to house your skincare essentials. Simply fill them up with your favourite facial cream, toner, essence, and lotion, and voila! Your skincare routine is perfectly packed for any adventure.

And to use it, just twist the dispenser cap and you’re good to go!

And to access your skincare products, just give the dispenser cap a twist – simple as that! No more fumbling with lids or spills in your suitcase.

This retails for RM6.82 after discount at the time of writing on Shopee. 

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