With the festive season fast approaching, our minds are filled with thoughts of indulging in an array of traditional dishes like rendang ayam, lemang, and ketupat. For beauty junkies, Hari Raya or Eid Mubarak is the perfect time for some glitz and glam. Think of over-the-top makeup looks that you might hesitate to wear on a regular day. Plus, they’ll make for a perfect selfie for the gram. To make the day extra special, Beauty Insider has listed the best Hari Raya makeup ideas.

The Best Hari Raya Makeup Ideas to Spice Up the Festive Season 2024

1. Glossy lips

Source: @missfazura/ Instagram

When in doubt, glossy lips and nude makeup look are the perfect combo to celebrate the festive season. Regardless of your skin tone, this type of makeup suits everyone, and it is like a universal language for the perfect look. We totally fell in love with Fazura’s makeup, which is the epitome of flawless. The glossy lips are the highlight of her look, and if you want to recreate a similar look, we recommend that you use the Fenty Beauty Gloss Bomb Dip Lip Gloss for a super shine finish that features the iconic universal rose nude shade.


Source: @gigihadid/ Instagram

The pandemic has significantly changed our views on beauty and self-care, as well as makeup! As the skinimalism trend isn’t going anywhere soon, we think that it is one of the best Hari Raya makeup ideas to help you accentuate your features without going overboard. The pro tip is to use a face serum or dewy balm to attain a radiant complexion and then make sure to apply a light foundation for a barely-there makeup look.

3. Doll Up

Source: @imwinter/ Instagram

The Maison Margiela Spring/Summer ’24 Haute Couture collection has been making waves across the beauty community for its out-of-this-world creations by Pat McGrath, which saw the models transform into living walking dolls. While we won’t necessarily recreate the same look with a glass-skin-like complexion akin to hauntingly Victorian dolls, you can emulate it by incorporating a dewy complexion with blush all over the cheeks and a highlighted sheen finish, complementing the pastel eyeshadow of light wash colours such as pink, purple, and blue.

4. Y2K Pouty

Source: @gigihadid/ Instagram

This year, Y2K still pretty much reigns over the trend, with ombré lips being sported by several celebrities, including Gigi Hadid. Apart from the regular technique of outlining your lips with a lip liner, you can opt to use two lipsticks from a similar colour family range to achieve a two-toned, gradient look — a contemporary revamp of the classic style. For instance, you can apply rusty pink to the centre of the lips and tan brown from the middle to the lips’ edge. Then, use your finger or a lip brush to diffuse these colours for a seamless finish. The rule of thumb is that the lip liner should match the darker lipstick. You can complete the look with a layer of lip gloss.

5. Glittery Eyeshadows

Source: @patrickta/ Instagram

Single color eyeshadow is definitely on the list of Hari Raya makeup ideas, but glittery and sparkly eyeshadow will take it to the next level. Simply swipe a glittery eyeshadow of your choice, whether it is pink, coral, blue, or even golden like Noor Tagouri. Besides, this makeup look helps to enhance your eyes, and you can get creative by adding crystals on the inner corners of the eyes or even lining it on the brows for that extra oomph. 

6. Bronzy Babe

Source: @halima/ Instagram

Bronzy and that sun-kissed glow will never go out of style, so why don’t you make the Hari Raya more special by going for the bronzy babe look? Plus, it complements all skin tones and helps to give you a healthy look, which is perfect for the occasion. If you’re looking for the best bronzer, you might want to add Benefit Cosmetics Hoola Matte Bronzer to your list as it is a cult favourite. 

7. Artsy Winged Eyeliner

Source: @hudabeauty/ Instagram

The regular black winged eyeliner may look gorgeous, but when it comes to the festive season, we need to amp up our A-game, and that includes makeup. We suggest that you try out this artsy winged eyeliner by adding your own colours and creativity to it. You can opt for abstract designs or anything else depending on your preference.  So, what are you waiting for? Unleash your inner Picasso during this Hari Raya!

8. Classic Glam

Source: @bellahadid/ Instagram

Nothing can beat the classic glam makeup look, so it is unsurprising that it made it into the Hari Raya makeup ideas. There’s just something about the bold red lipstick and glamorous eye makeup look that makes it perfect for every occasion. Furthermore, it is also the reason to go bold by sculpting your features and enhancing them with contour. 

9. Peachy Look

Source: @newjeans_official/ Instagram

Next on the list of Hari Raya makeup ideas is peachy makeup, which is known for its refreshing and youthful look. Furthermore, it also adds subtle warmth to the eyes, cheeks, and lips. The best part is that when it comes to peach makeup, you can personalise it according to your likings, whether you want to go for smoky peach eye makeup or flushed peach cheeks. 

10. All-Over Blush

Source: @davidrazzano/ Instagram

This makeup trend is also shortlisted for the best Hari Raya makeup ideas. All-over blush is another way to attain a flushed look, and make sure to apply it around the outer corners of the eyes for an instant facelift illusion. If you are into the bohemian makeup look, you can opt for a pink-hued eyeshadow. We recommend that you use a cream blush for a more natural and ethereal look. 

11. Vibrant Lips

Source: @nyane/ Instagram

Vibrant lips are the perfect way to take your Hari Raya makeup look to the next level, and they’ll look stunning on the gram as well. You can opt for bright and vibrant colours of fuchsia, like H.E.R during the Oscars 2021 and even purple to make it look more pop. We are obsessed with this gorgeous look done by Nyane. Besides, you can even add a little style to it by adding fake freckles for a more youthful look.

12. Fluttery Lashes

Source: @alexademie/ Instagram

Fuller and longer lashes? We’re sure that everyone is head over heels with this look. You can go overboard by going for more extra volume and adding falsies if you want to. Besides, eyelashes can also determine your overall look, and they help to make the eyes pop more. If you’re not a falsies girl, we suggest that you opt for a mascara that contains a lengthening formula. 

13. Holographic Touch 

Source: @lapetitevengeance/ Instagram

If you want to make heads turn twice, donning holographic makeup is the perfect way to look ethereal without looking overdone. You can either use shimmery eyeshadow or highlighter and apply it all over the eyelids and cheeks. Pair it with lip gloss to complement your overall look. We recommend keeping it subtle with a white iridescent shade. If you want to recreate this makeup look, you can opt for Stila Glitter & Glow Liquid Eye Shadow and Pat Mcgrath Labs Sublime Skin Highlighting Trio. 

14. Dark Bimbo

Source: @gabbriette/ Instagram

ICYMI, the phrase bimbo has shifted into a positive connotation, which indicates a proclamation of self-love. As the name suggests, dark bimbo is contrasted with classic bimbo, which is often associated with a stereotypically bright and feminine aesthetic. Instead, it takes people down a much darker route with winged eyeliner, grunge eye makeup looks, dark lips, bleached brows, and a slicked-back hairstyle. Think of it as a vixen look that is inspired by Angelina Jolie. 

15. A Pop of Neon

Source: @hungvanngo / Instagram

The thought of donning bright neon eyeshadow might have instilled some fear in us. Well, it doesn’t have to be that way. The key to balancing the neon eyeshadow is by pairing it with soft-hued blush and lips. Regardless of the shade you pick, whether vibrant blue, red, green, yellow, or purple, this look is one of the best Hari Raya makeup ideas to try this season. 

16. Gems Embellishment 

Source: @donni.davy/ Instagram

If you’re a beginner and unsure of your makeup skills, adorning your face with gem embellishments is the perfect way to take your look to the next level. Think “Euphoria” inspired makeup looks, complete with gemstone adornment over vibrant eyeshadow.  If you’re feeling a little artsy, you can place the gemstones to create intricate designs. 

17. Bright Waterline

Source: @patrickta/ Instagram

A subtle eyeshadow with a bright waterline is the ultimate secret to making your eyes pop during this festive celebration. This viral makeup trend can be simply created by using a white pencil to line your waterline. Plus, the technique does not only make your eyes look brighter, but it also gives the illusion of wider eyes. So, if you have smaller eyes, this makeup technique will certainly come in handy. You can choose a cream or colour that is closest to your skin tone for a subtle effect. 

18. Burning Red

Source: @taylorswift/ Instagram

Amidst the beauty trends that come and go, a timeless look is all it takes to never go wrong with your appearance this Hari Raya. A case in point is a classic red lipstick, which undoubtedly has always been on trend. An A-list of Hollywood celebrities, including Taylor Swift, has been spotted wearing red lipstick for a touch of sophistication. The choice is yours, whether you prefer a red matte lipstick for a classic statement look or a glossy red finish for a glamorous appearance.

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