It’s time to say goodbye to blueberry milk nails and jelly nails – the newest and hottest beauty trend is none other than tomato red nails!

Whether they make you crave a delicious pasta dish, or dream of a sunny getaway in the Mediterranean, tomato red nails are the perfect choice for a memorable summer look.

Check out our top tomato nail ideas, from bold solid colors to cute nail art designs.

Simple Nails

Solid Tomato Red

Credits: @amyle.nails/Instagram

Tomato red nails are named for their vibrant red-orange hue, resembling a fresh and juicy tomato! Opt for monochromatic nails to easily follow this trend and add a splash of color to your look.

Tomato Red Swirls

Credits: @heygreatnails/Instagram

Combining two slightly different shades of red, these nails are simple yet fun! The swirls of nail polish stand out against the nude background, giving each nail a unique design, interspersed with vivid red nails for contrast.

Tomato Red Jelly Nails

Credits: @lala_salon_nail/Instagram

Lean into the tomato aesthetic by turning your whole nail into a mini tomato!

The translucent, watercolour effect of the base gives a nod to the popular jelly nails trend, while the addition of green leaves adds a touch of whimsy to your tomato-inspired nails – ideal for anyone looking for a fun and unique twist on classic red nails.

Subtle Red Florals

Credits: @the_gel_centre/Instagram

If you’re looking for a manicure that goes beyond just simple red nails, this design combines French tips, solid colors, and bright red flowers for a chic minimalist look. Plus, the floral accents add a fun, summery energy to your nails!

Half-Heart Nails

Credits: @imarninails/Instagram

This manicure gives a fresh twist to French tips by swapping out the usual half-moon shape for adorable heart designs.

Ideal for those who prefer subtle nail looks, these nails bring a pop of vibrant red without being too flashy.

Complex Designs

Tiny Tomatoes

Credits: @betina_goldstein/Instagram

How about giving these cute little tomatoes a go on your nails, for a more literal take on this fun trend? This delightful design pops against a neutral backdrop and brings a refreshing touch to your manicure.

Tomato Nail Art

Credits: @Mia nail art/Xiaohongshu

This stunning set combines jelly nails, watercolor effects, and 3D bubbles, capturing several popular nail art trends while staying true to the tomato theme.

If you’re looking to stay trendy with a one-of-a-kind manicure that’s just as beautiful as Xiaohongshu’s inspiration photos, then this manicure is perfect for you.

Picnic Nails

Credits: @littleartby.ash/Instagram

Get creative with your manicure by mixing solid colors on one hand and fun nail art on the other!

These nails feature hand-drawn stars and cute gingham patterns, perfect for a picnic-inspired look. Gather your friends for a picnic and flaunt your stylish nails while snacking on your favorite treats!

Pasta Nails

Credits: @chaos.nails/Instagram

If you associate tomatoes with delectable pasta sauce, then this unique manicure is perfect for you. Featuring hand-painted tomatoes, garnishes, and various types of pasta, these stunning nails are guaranteed to attract plenty of compliments.

Contrasting French Tips


Not a fan of completely red nails? This manicure incorporates a touch of blue, creating a striking contrast through French tips.

It also features adorable smiling tomatoes, inspired by Jellycat’s delightful tomato plush toys.

Floral Red

Credits: @madnails/Instagram

Get ready for summer with these vibrant floral nails, reminiscent of one-of-a-kind handicrafts! This captivating manicure switches between bold tomato red nails and delicate floral patterns, making it ideal for a tropical getaway.

Negative Space

Credits: @dais_does_nails/Instagram

Create cool visual illusions with these cut-out patterns! These nails experiment with empty spaces and pick from a range of symbols such as stars and flowers, using a nude polish for a see-through look.

Floral French Tips

Credits: @nails_and_beauty_by_daisy/Instagram

These nails bring together French tips, hearts, and florals to create a vibrant and joyful manicure.

They aren’t as bold as completely red nails but are also more distinctive than simple French tips. Moreover, the delicate white accents for the florals and the cute heart add an element of fun, making these nails ideal for warm summer days.

Red And Pink Mattes

Credits: @jess_nails_it/Instagram

Matte nails can be just as captivating as glossy ones, as seen by this vibrant manicure!

Pairing bubblegum-pink polish and bold tomato red designs on each nail, the matte finish of this set seems to make the bright colours stand out even more.

Pearls and Hearts

Credits: @vivianmariewong/Instagram

Elevate your nail game with these gorgeous pearl accents!

Whether it’s French tips with a pearl border or adorable hearts framed by pearls, this manicure tones down the flaming red colour and adds a hint of romantic elegance to this bold nail trend.

Featured image credits: @amyle.nails/Instagram, @littleartby.ash/Instagram.

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