Science and art collide in the latest nail trend taking the internet by storm. The cat eye heart nails have become a viral sensation, inspiring many to try their hand at recreating this trend!

If you’re someone who follows nail trends closely, you’re probably familiar with the cat eye manicure.

This unique nail polish gives off a mesmerising cat eye effect when it catches the light, thanks to the metallic particles in the nail polish that can be manipulated with a magnet.

Take the cat eye manicure to the next level by creating these cat eye hearts that everyone has been raving about online!

Credits: @nail_mule/Instagram

If you’re loving this popular nail trend as much as we are, keep reading for tips and inspiration on how to create these nails at home!

How To Create the Heart Cat Eye Nail?

Similar to the regular cat eye nails, a magnetic wand will be used to manipulate the metallic particles in the nail polish to construct different designs.

To create the cat eye heart effect, you only need a paper clip to shape the glitter particles on the surface into your desired shape.


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To start, straighten out a paper clip until it becomes a straight rod. It’s recommended to use a medium-sized paper clip.

Next, hold onto both ends of the paper clip and twist the folded part. (Pro tip: using pliers will make the twisting easier!) This will create a V-shape with the two ends.

Then, bend the remaining sections of the paper clip and gently bend the tips of the V-shape ends inwards. Connect the folded side of the paper clip to a magnetic wand, and voilà! You’ve made a paper clip wand.

Finally, position the paper clip wand above the area of your nail where you want to create a heart design, and let the magnetic force work its magic!

10 Heart Cat Eye Nail Looks To Try

Blush Pink

heart cat eye blush pink

Credits: @broomy_nail/Instagram

The blush pink shade is the most popular choice for this nail trend right now and we can definitely see why. The delicate colour pairs beautifully with the shimmering heart design, creating a chic and covetable look!

My Nails But Better

heart cat eye nude

Credits: @young__nail__/Instagram

This subtle yet classy look features a shimmery heart as the focal point against a nude background, perfect for those who prefer a simple style.

Mermaid Mani

heart cat eye mermaid

Credits: @young__nail__/Instagram

This ethereal pale turquoise set adorned with glitters and pearls is a mesmerising combination of the heart cat eye and aquatic elements — it’s exactly what we’d imagine a mermaid’s manicure to look like!

Better With Bows

heart cat eye bows

Credits: @_gongvely_nail/Instagram

Adding bows to your heart cat eye nails can make it even more charming! Placing adorable little bows in the middle of each heart adds a feminine and playful twist to the delicate design.

Denim Blue

heart cat eye denim blue

Credits: @howrin_house/Instagram

Denim blue is all the rage right now, especially when it comes to nail polish! This unique shade strikes the perfect balance between softness and edge, making it a must-have accessory for your fingertips.

Taste the Rainbow

heart cat eye multi-coloured

Credits: @dayoungnail/Instagram

Having trouble choosing just one colour? Why not try them all? Paint each nail a different colour and see how each one sparkles uniquely in the light.

You can line the colours up in the order of a rainbow, with the eye-catching blues and greens transitioning into popular pinks.


heart cat eye paddlepop

Credits: @hyunzzang_/Instagram

The soft paddlepop gradient creates a one-of-a-kind base colour for the adorable heart cat eye design. If you’re looking for a change but still want to stick with pastel shades, you can try out gradient nail colours similar to this!

Love Is in the Air

heart cat eye heart sequins

Credits: @dayoungnail/Instagram

Highlight the heart cat eye effect by adding heart sequins to your nails! The bold red decals pop against the soft pink base, creating a lovely mix of feminine and romantic vibes.

Silver Lining

heart cat eye silver

Credits: @_gongvely_nail/Instagram

Silver glitter is always a safe choice. The way the light reflects off the shiny particles adds a touch of elegance, without overshadowing the adorable heart designs on each nail.

Neon Hearts

heart cat eye neon

Credits: @dayoungnail/Instagram

To make your nails stand out even more, consider choosing a cat eye nail polish with glitter particles in a contrasting colour. This will give your nails a unique pop of colour.

Bunny Heart Cat Eye Nails

heart cat eye bunny

Credits: @choharu.made/Instagram

The heart cat eye design was already a pinnacle of creativity, but nail artists have now discovered a way to use magnetic particles to craft even more distinctive designs.

Among them, the bunny cat eye design has particularly captured our attention. When combined with the charming cat eye hearts, it results in a truly elevated and enchanting set of cat eye nails!

Featured image credits: @_gongvely_nail/Instagram, @howrin_house/Instagram

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