Malaysia has a vibrant fashion and beauty scene, and within it, a unique force is emerging: the hijabi influencer. These stylish women are breaking the norm, showcasing their talents, and captivating audiences while embracing their faith and modest dressing.

From makeup tutorials to skincare tricks, these hijabi influencers are offering a fresh perspective on beauty, one that caters to the growing Muslim population in Malaysia and inspires women around the world. Let’s take a look at the 10 hijabi beauty influencers that you can follow on social media for beauty tips and more!

Sofea Shra


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Starting from TikTok, Sofea is currently one of the most sought-after hijabi content creators in Malaysia. In fact, she was even the cover girl for EH Magazine for its April 2024 edition.

Her content focuses on the soft glam look that you can wear during the day and night, which is very versatile to follow. She also offers a variety of tips for foundation application that will suit anyone.

We especially love Sofea’s Raya open house look (in the above video) that features the Skintific serum foundation, which provides a soft matte skin-like finish. She also mentioned that this makeup look is suitable for someone who prefers to be simple but still wants to give off the vibe of a full glam makeup look.

Looking for some makeup inspiration? Don’t miss out on her Instagram and TikTok, where you can find her fabulous makeup looks and get recommendations for amazing beauty products!

Tasnim Shah


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Besides being a beauty influencer, Tasnim Shah is also a hustling entrepreneur and a dedicated mum! She reviews many beauty products on her Instagram, such as fragrances, makeup, and skincare devices. A graduate from law school, she is one of the most popular hijabi influencers with more than 600,000 followers on Instagram.

Find more beauty product recommendations on her Instagram!

Shalma Izzati


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For those with a medium-dark skin tone, Shalma Izzati can be a great guide for your beauty routine.

We especially love her lip product reviews that are great for those with a tanner skin tone, because of how thorough these reviews are.

With her cheerful smile, she can also brighten up your day while researching beauty products available in Malaysia!

Don’t miss out on her Instagram!

Aina Fazlen


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Aina Fazlen reviews skincare and makeup products and focuses on looks suitable for all skin types in Malaysia. Her ‘Gadis Melayu’ makeup looks have also become one of her signature styles as a hijabi influencer.

She reviews many local brand products that you don’t typically see international influencers talk about, such as @prettysuci and provides honest reviews on whether the products are worth the hype for everyone to get their hands on.

You should definitely check out her Instagram! She’s always sharing about amazing products that you can find at your nearby retail stores such as Watsons and Guardian!

Arissa The Great


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Looking for fantasy makeup look that are different from everyday makeup style? Then, Arissa is the best inspirations for your unique makeup looks!

She is known for her dramatic shimmery makeup looks and always experiment with her makeup style, such as whimsical eyes look inspired by a fantasy book that she read.

Want to recreate her stunning looks? Head over to her Instagram for more makeup looks and beauty product recommendations!

Featured image credit: @sofeashra/Instagram, @tasnimshah_/Instagram, @shalmaizzati/Instagram

Dewi Radin


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As a full-time hijabi model and beauty content creator, Dewi focuses on reviewing Malaysian local brands like Maaez, Make Over Cosmetics Malaysia, and Fazsfaozibeaute. She delivers her reviews in Bahasa and English to describe the products for her audience’s convenience.

If you’re into sweet and feminine makeup looks, don’t forget to follow her on Instagram for more inspiration!

Nisha Ezzati


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Let Nisha Ezzati’s vibrant and humorous personality lift your spirits as she shares her unfiltered opinions on beauty products! She’ll enthusiastically discuss the benefits of a great product, while also providing insights into why something might not be working as expected.

Dive into her entertaining review by visiting her Instagram and Youtube for more information!

Nana Tajudin


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Say hello to Nana, the influencer who loves to think outside the box when it comes to makeup. One of her most popular creations is the Ariana Grande “We can’t be friends” makeup from the music video, which beautifully showcases the white eyeliner. Nana fearlessly embraces her individuality, and her vibrant makeup is perfect inspiration for any event with a special theme!

You can find out more about her unique makeup looks by visiting her Instagram.

Alya Khairina


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Alya Khairina is renowned for generously sharing about her beloved beauty products and explaining their benefits. She’s dedicated to helping her followers make informed choices, so you can be sure that you’ll only be getting useful reviews from her.

For more reviews on her favourite beauty products, make sure to give her Instagram a follow!

Malia Baby


purple liquid blush makeup hack? idk if this is i expected it to look like but im not hating it

♬ on YouTube! cute piano solo(1368164) – Muneyuki Harada

Malia, a beauty influencer, possesses a vibrant personality and consistently promotes Malaysian local brands. Additionally, she shares her insights on blusher tricks!

Check out her beauty routine on Instagram and TikTok for even more amazing tips and tricks!

Featured image credits: @sofeashra/Instagram, @tasnimshah_/Instagram, @shalmaizzati/Instagram

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